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article imageBride claims groom raped her on their wedding night

By Nicole Byerly     May 2, 2012 in Crime
Beginning at a very early age, most women envision the perfect wedding. They dress up in beautiful gowns and pretend to walk down the aisle to their Prince Charming. This could not be farther from the truth for one young bride in the UK.
After dating for five years, the young couple decided to get married. On their wedding day, the bride, who is in her 20s, and the groom decided on an early morning wedding. Immediately after their wedding, the couple decided to christen their marriage. The couple left the wedding reception in a hurry, and raced back to their room to have sex.
In court, the bride testified “We christened our wedding vows straight away because we wanted to have sex before we got too drunk, so we had consensual sex after the marriage.” But what happened later would forever haunt her.
After the couple finished, they got dressed and went to a party with a group of friends. The couple and their friends went on an extensive pub crawl where the bride reports becoming extremely drunk. The bride reports that she remembered seeing the sun come up as her and her new husband walked home from the pubs.
Once they made it back home, the young bride asked her husband to help her take off her shoes. He helped, and then tried to have sex with her again. She told him no because she was too drunk, but he did not listen.
Instead, he ignored her and forced her against her will. Although this would generally be a good reason to end the relationship, the bride stayed with the man for two more years.
During the two year marriage, the husband forced sexual intercourse upon his wife at four separate occasions. One time was after the birth of their child, when she still had stitches after having a caesarean birth. Another incident occurred when the woman was making tea for her husband.
The wife asked her husband why he was doing this to her, and he replied “You’re my wife. You were lying there asking for it.”
The woman finally called the police, and the husband told them “She made it up to get me out of her life.”
The husband is now on trial in Exeter Crown Court facing charges of raping her a total of five times during their two year marriage.
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