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article imageReport: Mercedes-Benz developing self-tinting windows

By Jared Diamond     May 2, 2012 in Technology
Self tinting windows? May not be too far off in the future. Recent reports reveal that luxury auto maker Mercedes Benz is developing technologies for windows to tint themselves.
Numerous reports recent regarding the Mercedes-Benz SL-Class have strong indications that automatic self-tinting windows are in research and development mode. The “Magic Sky Control” technology could be incorporated to tint sunroofs.
The 'Magic Sky Control' – Mercedes-Benz currently offers this option to the sunroof. Now other portions of the car are considered to deploy the technology. Adding the technology to sunroofs, giving the driver the ability to shade over the sunroof window at will. Shade-on-demand could be a possible option for the discriminating market share of Mercedes-Benz.
Currently used in the in the SL-class, the “Magic Sky Control” utilizes electricity to deploy a “frost” from a on/off switch that would apply the “tint” to a clear pane of glass leaving an opaque finish to the transparent window. Nice feature! Expanding to the sunroof would be attractive to this distinguished market share.
Mercedes-Benz officials have confirmed other parts of the vehicle are strongly being considered for duplicate technology as reported by several blogs. Side windows are the first to be considered for this adaptation of technology.
Presently, the Boeing 787 uses a technology similar to the one being used by Mercedes- Benz. The planes are equipped to allow the occupants the ability to shield from strong light using a simple switch. There are numerous possibilities to use this technology including use by celebrities to offer privacy from paparazzi and news media as they drive to events and around town.
Additional use could be help overheating of the interior when the blistering summer suns shine. The car’s main system could be electronically implemented to automatically activate shields to keep the interior cool. The technology has endless possibilities.
Francis Hanna, a product development consultant for one of the largest auto tinting (service) providers in the nation, Detail Wiz Window Tinting, shares his perspective. Mr. Hanna does not view self-tinting windows as threat to the automotive tinting industry. "In fact, I'd have to tell you, it's quite remarkable to see this happening. My estimate is that it will cover a segmented niche. While infatuating, I don't see it as a disruptive force in our industry."
Mercedes-Benz officials have noted that development of the technology still is in production and needs work. And of course they need to deal with state window tint compliance as well as safety requirements mandated by various rules and regulations of many countries.
The “Magic Sky Control" has wowed many and the company will continue to be innovative while exploring this research frontier.
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