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Colombian escort may pose nude for Playboy, Hustler magazines

By Eric Morales     May 1, 2012 in Politics
Cartagena - The woman who blew the lid on the Secret Service sex scandal may sell her story to adult magazines, according to reports from Colombia.
Diana Suarez is the young Colombian woman identified as the escort at the center of a dispute in the Hotel Caribe, where a Secret Service agent refused to pay for a night of sex ahead of President Obama's trip to Colombia. The scandal has led to firings, retirements, and left a blight on the Secret Service as investigations, and reforms are implemented.
According to El Nuevo Herald a Spanish language newspaper, the 24-year-old is attempting to sell exclusive rights to her story to Playboy and Hustler magazines. A Colombian official is quoted as saying, “This is the way this is going to end, she’s going to pose nude in Playboy, where a renowned journalist will interview her and write an article telling the whole story of what happened." Theresa Hennessey a spokeswoman for Playboy told the Herald "there are no plans to publish her photos to Playboy." However according to Fox News Latino Larry Flint's Hustler magazine is in possession of photo's of Diana Suarez but they have not completed an article.The El Nuevo Herald went on to report that Penthouse did not return their phone calls.
An attorney for Suarez in Cartagena stated that he did not wish to comment on his clients plans, however Marlon Betancourt stated that his assistants were not authorized to request money.
In the wake of the scandal according to Fox News and the Associated Press the agency entrusted to protect the President is trying to regain some of it's secrecy, retired agents have been told to stop speaking to the press, agents' Facebook accounts are being deleted, and when contacted by reporters agents are either notifying Secret Service headquarters in Washington or calling the police.
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