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article imageOp-Ed: Canadians show apathy to NAU assimilation prospects Special

By Raymond Samuels     May 1, 2012 in World
On 7 December 2011, President Obama and Prime Minister Harper unveiled the the Beyond the Border (BTB) Action Plan and the Regulatory Cooperation Council (RCC) Action Plan. These two initiatives are part of an envisioned North American Union.
As Canadians, we seem to be demonstrating to the world, that without the late Pierre Elliot Trudeau to champion the cause of nationhood, we are generally apathetic. This critical observation does not include those Canadians who have been kept ignorant of the fascistic North American Union (NAU) agenda. Rather, this critical observation refers to those Canadians who are aware of the NAU agenda, and elect to do nothing, other than whine and bitch in our cliques. Keep whining and bitching about the corporate media (and its cover-up of these matters), and let's see how that actually saves Canada.
Our apathy as Canadians to defending our vital sovereignty continues, as we drift into becoming another Puerto Rico under the Security Perimeter “arrangement”.
Indeed, Americans activists who are aware of the NAU agenda, have been much more active in organizing against it. Arguably, you would have much more luck these days apparently, trying to get Canadians to check out a hockey game, or to line up for Tim Horton's coffee, than to organize to protect the fundamental abrogation of our civil and human rights as Canadians, in relation to either the NAU or the so-called "Security Perimeter".
Don't blame Mr. Harper when his government decides that it is required to destroy yet another social/environmental program under the obligations of the NAU/Security Perimeter, as your experience the resulting social despair in our cities which further resemble such areas in the United States. This is the prevailing trend. Under the "Security Perimeter" Agreements, Canada has to "harmonize" its public policy laws to conform to "survival of the fittest" American practices. These include social and economic policies.
The Canadians who are aware of the NAU agenda, may wish to critically consider apathy on the NAU as a manifestation of our apparent growing lack of social responsibility. The result is that we, as Canadians, seem to be more and more comfortable with acquiescing to an elite-driven Americanization agenda. This agenda supports a 'service-to-the-self' context, over the kinds of social policy which had elevated Canada to once having the highest standard of living according to the United Nation's Human Development Index.
Mel Hurtig has been sought to inspire Canadians to become more aware of the NAU agenda.
Ray Alex notes:
"Mel Hurtig, the former elected leader of the National Party of Canada, a noted Canadian author and publisher, and the founder of the Council of Canadians has revealed that senior elected representatives and ad-visors to the Conservative Party, are currently planning a scheme to dissolve Canada in favor of North American Union."
We Canadians had last achieved the highest rank on the Human Development Index (HDI) back in 1998. Canada had the highest HDI rank from 1994 to 1998 (and earlier in the 1990's). The UN recognized us Canadians for having achieved the highest quality-of-living in the world.
Jean Chrétien who was Prime Minister at the time, used to like boasting about our HDI rank. It is important to note that Mr. Chrétien had also refused to support the same kind of "Security Perimeter" proposals which the Americans had proposed to him during his terms in Office. Mr. Chrétien had recognized the implications that a "Security Perimeter" would have on our vital national sovereignty and quality-of-life.
Jonathan Paquin specifically notes in a Université de Laval source:
"Prime Minister Chrétien rejected the security perimeter approach and indicated that Canada would rather deal with United States on “specific areas of concern.”
Canada’s quality-of-living has been in a state of relative global decline since 1998. This has occurred as assimilationist continental ties to the United States have further debilitated our ability, as Canadians, to maintain our social policies which once made us no 1 on the global measure of quality-of-life.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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