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article imageTestimony about John Edwards' sex tape allowed

By Larry Clifton     Apr 30, 2012 in Politics
The judge presiding over former front-runner Democratic Party presidential candidate John Edward’s trial ruled that testimony about the steamy sex tape made by Edwards and his mistress Rielle Hunter is fair game.
The sex tape was made while Edwards was preparing to run for president of the U.S., however, it is unclear how much or if any of the explicit sexual content recorded by Edwards and his girlfriend will be open to discussion.
Prosecutors and Edwards' defense lawyers have agreed the video itself will not be shown to jurors, but an agreement was reached that allows testimony about the sex tape to be introduced.
Edwards' lawyers will likely ask whether former Edwards’ aide Andrew Young stole the video from Hunter and tried to sell it. The defense is also likely to query whether Young threatened Edwards over it when the candidate’s plan to hide Hunter was falling apart. Hunter was impregnated by Edwards during the affair while his wife was suffering from terminal cancer.
Money to keep Hunter out of sight was allegedly funneled from Edwards’ campaign supporters through Andrew Young’s wife, Cheri Young, using her maiden name.
Cheri Young told the court she was “disgusted by Edwards' financial scheme to hide his girlfriend's pregnancy, but agreed to help after Edwards personally assured her that it was legal,” according to CBS.
Today, Young said, "I wanted to hear it from Mr. Edwards myself." Mrs. Young claims she had reservations about the ruze when she learned the money was to keep Edwards’ lover out of the public eye.
"I heard Mr. John Edwards tell me on the phone that he checked with the campaign lawyers and this is legal. Get the money in," Cheri Young testified that Edwards told her, according to the report. "He was very short and very angry."
Today marked the second time jurors heard a witness say that Edwards “insisted” the well-moneyed scheme to hide his lover was legal. Andrew Young told the court that Edwards “assured” him there was nothing illegal in what they were doing to hide Hunter.
Cheri Young wept as she described the stress on her and her family as they kept the presidential candidate’s secret. The 38-year-old part-time nurse claims Edwards continued to ask her and her husband for more assistance in covering his tracks.
The jury was sent from the room at one point while Mrs. Young took time to compose herself, and the session ended early after she complained of a migraine headache.
Mrs. Young described how scheme fell apart when John Edwards spotted by National Enquirer reporters while the candidate was visiting Hunter and their baby at the Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel.
Mrs. Young said that a distraught Edwards was crying on the phone after being discovered and that he had hid in a bathroom. She said Fred Baron, one of Edwards' major financial supporters who had allegedly helped pay for the cover up, knew it was over after Edwards was caught by the media.
Eventually, Hunter moved in with the Young family and Andrew Young claimed he was the father of Hunter’s child.
"She walked into the hallway. She took a spin and opened her arms out wide and said, 'I'm here.' I literally fell into the couch and I was just in awe. There was no hello," Cheri Young testified.
Mrs. Young said Hunter treated her family like servants."She told us what she wanted and we did it."said Young.
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