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article imageVideo: Daredevil women stunt bikers ride 'Wall of Death'

By JohnThomas Didymus     Apr 30, 2012 in Entertainment
Ely - Kerri Cameron, 21, and Jaimi Tyrell, 19, are stunt riders, members of a Cambridgeshire-based team, The Ken Fox Troupe, who ride the "Wall of Death" on twin cylinder Indian motorcycles from the 1920s.
Thrill-Rider Blog reports the girls are known as the "Hell Riders." They ride motorbikes at high-speed on the vertical side of a barrel-like track, with no hands, no crash helmets or any other safety equipment. They reach speeds of up to 60 mph as they spin around the circular vertical track relying on centrifugal forces to keep their bikes from falling off the wall.
According to the Prescott-Hillclimb website, "Kerri rides the famous Indian motor cycle and also performs stunts with a Go-Kart. Her favorite stunt is Top Side, where she takes the motor bike to the top of the wall and then sits side-saddle whilst raising her arms above her head and looking at the audience."
The website quotes Kerri, saying, "The hardest thing for me was actually riding the wall for the first time. You start on a training track and then, when you’re ready, you have to tackle the wall. It is 18 feet high and you need to get to 40 mph to get on and then reach 60 mph to stay there and reach the top. I was petrified, but I did it and loved it."
Daily Mail reports Kerri has been riding on the Wall of Death for four years. She says: "It’s a fantastic thrill - it’s out of this world. People think we’re just a bit of flash - just here to look pretty. But when they see us on the wall the men realize we’ve got bigger balls than them. I got into it by accident. I used to work with horses, but the stables where I was closed down. So I searched for ‘horse riding’ at the Job Center and this job popped up."
She continued: "I thought it was stunt riding with horses so I applied. But when I turned up their wasn’t a pony in sight. I was thrilled when I saw them riding on the wall, so I thought I’d give it a go. I’d never ridden a motorbike before but it wasn’t long before I thought 'sod horses' - I just love the excitement of this. It takes lots of training - I did get dizzy to start with but I soon got used to it - you have to condition yourself against it. At the end of each show we ask the crowd to throw in a few coins towards our injury insurance fund – this is the scariest part of the day - I’ve already been hit on the head twice today!"
Her companion on the wall of death, Jaimi, said: "Apart from Kerri and I, there are only two other female riders in the world who do this - one in America and the other in Germany. We’re training another girl too, Fearless Frankie, so they’ll be three of us soon. Unfortunately, she can’t ride at the moment because she broke her foot falling off her bicycle! I fell off the other week and badly bruised my leg - but it’s only the second time I’ve come off in two years. My family have been friends with Ken for years. I gave up at school and have always wanted to do this. It’s such a totally different life - all my friends from school work in shops and offices - it so good to be on the road doing this."
According to Daily Mail, The Ken Fox Troupe is based in Ely, Cambridgeshire and has offices in Derbyshire. The troupe has a team of seven riders including Ken and his two sons Luke and Alex.
Daily Mail reports the Ken family has been riding the Wall of Death for generations. The show was first staged in the UK in 1929. Experienced riders ride twin cylinder Indian motorcycles from the 1920s while learners train on lighter modern Hondas.
Ken said: "Our riders need lots of get-up-and-go, and they must have a feeling for machinery - the girls are just as good as boys and they smell better too."
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