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article imageJustin Bieber: Searching for real news on the Never Say Never Kid

By Marcus Hondro     Apr 29, 2012 in Entertainment
Okay, so here's the scoop: Justin Bieber made online news again - no surprise. But it's hard to imagine smaller things being given press: attacking, in fun, his manager, wearing a ring and punching a fellow musician in the knackers.
Quite a run of activity, no? The singer is in New York after a promo tour in England and his schedule hasn't stopped him from interacting with fans - he tweeted his new album cover yesterday - and he's forever providing fodder for media. There's hardly a day the 18-year-old pop star isn't news and, unlike Lady Gaga, who stopped talking to media, he seems to relish it. But how much of it is of any real interest?
Justin Bieber: Pop singer in the news daily
Here's 3 recent items for you to judge if they're worthy of headlines:
1) In New York on Saturday night, April 28, Bieber and manager, Scooter Braun, won something called the Disruptive Innovator award at the Tribecca Film Festival. This was given them due to the innovative ways they've used social media.
Bieber is closing in on 21 million Twitter followers and double that in Facebook Fans. “The fans feel connected to me,” he told the media atTribecca. “I take time out of my day to retweet fans and really care. I don’t think I would be here without the Internet.” But the big news to come out of the win was that, as part of it, Bieber and Braun were given a hammer and the singer feigned taking a whack at Braun with it. That made news.
2) While at the awards show Bieber wore a ring on his left hand. Perhaps not surprisingly, media asked him what it meant and there was speculation it was a sign he was engaged to girlfriend Selena Gomez (now THAT would be news). He told them it just looked better on that hand and that had he put it on his right hand, where he wore a bracelet on the wrist, it wouldn't look so good. Regardless of why it went where, headline again.
3) This third item might be a worthy headline if it really happened in a real way. He punched one of the singers from the boyband, The Wanted, right in the, you know, in his testicles. Here's the headlines from a site called Gather Celeb News: Justin Bieber Punched The Wanted's Siva Kaneswaran in the Nuts.
The site takes a quote about this news they say comes from another site, Sugar Scape, and that has Bieber himself explain: "I hit Siva in the nuts the other day. We were all hanging out at this shoot," the quote starts. "I was there too and we were backstage and he was walking so I just hit him in the balls. Max was laughing, it was funny." Huh. True? Meaningful? Whether it's either of those things it is now a headline.
Real Justin Bieber news - like about Music
There is more, especially concerning Gomez, such as does he miss her when they're apart and his 'mystery' love messages for her, if she dresses sexier just for him or- scandal - for someone else, and does he really like her scent. And the smallness of all these items gets one wondering if there is actual news about him that someone who isn't a teenage female might read.
Let's try this: he and Kanye West have recently been putting the finishing touches on his upcoming release 'Believe'. The album, his first new record since his Christmas release, "Under the Mistletoe' and his follow-up to 'My World 2.0' is expected to be out on June 19.
And that is the news on Justin Bieber.
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