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article imageRadical Handmaids to protest Anti-Abortion Bill in Toronto

By KJ Mullins     Apr 25, 2012 in World
Toronto - In Margaret Atwood's futuristic novel The Handmaid's Tale, women who were fertile were enslaved to produce children for the elite. In two Ontario cities a group of women calling themselves the Radical Handmaids are speaking out on the 'War on Women.'
The group will be in Ottawa and Toronto for a peaceful demonstration. The event in Toronto will take place at Queen's Park at noon. Sporting red garments and "Flying Nun" hats, the group questions why affordable daycare is not on the government's agenda while reproductive issues are.
"Affordable daycare for working parents isn't on the agenda," OfStephen said in a press release. "Apparently you have to be a fetus to matter to a Conservative."
The Radical Handmaids, inspired by Atwood's novel, are pro-choice activists who are speaking out against Motion-312, Conservative MP Stephen Woodworth's bill that is said to be an anti-abortion proposal. The motion is being debated in the House as to the definition of "human being" and redefining when human life begins.
According to the Radical Handmaids, the motion is a thinly veiled attack that could change the right for a woman to be able to obtain an abortion.
Members of Radical Handmaids have been knitting wombs and vulvas to deliver to MPs who vote in favor of Conservative MP Stephen Woodworth's anti-abortion private member's bill.
"If they want to control our uteruses so badly, they can have a womb of their own," said OfStephen.
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