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article imageDolly Parton & Queen Latifah make 'Joyful Noise' together Special

By Earl Dittman     Apr 25, 2012 in Entertainment
After a seemingly eternal hiatus away from multiplex screens, country/pop music legend Dolly Parton and rapper-turned-nominated film star Queen Latifah have combined their acting and singing talents for a music-filled film of hope, 'Joyful Noise.'
Although it's been nearly two decades since country music icon Dolly Parton-turned-actress (Steel Magnolias, Nine to Five) had a starring role in a major motion picture, her fans of all ages have been rejoicing for several months now -- ever since her return to the silver screen in the musical comedy Joyful Noise. Surprisingly, in the years since her appearance in the films TransAmerica and Miss Congeniality 2, she has kept herself busy by making music and recording albums, doing TV shows like Glee,a guest on talk shows, a performer on televised singing contest (American Idol, The Voice) and hit TV comedies (Two and A Half Men). Luckily, Dolly finally made it back to the big screen this past holiday season -- in a big way - by co-starring alongside movie star (and former rap royalty) Queen Latifah (Chicago, Hairspray) in the song-and-dance inspired comic-drama, Joyful Noise.
Dolly Parton and Queen Latifah in  Joyful Noise
Dolly Parton and Queen Latifah in 'Joyful Noise'
Warner Bros.
The Todd Graf written-and-directed Joyful Noise is a funny and inspirational story of music, hope, love and renewal. The film is set in the small town of Pacashau, Georgia, which has fallen on hard times, but the people are counting on the Divinity Church Choir to lift their spirits by winning the National Joyful Noise Competition. The choir has always known how to sing in harmony, but the discord between its two leading ladies now threatens to tear them apart. Their newly appointed director, Vi Rose Hill (Latifah), stubbornly wants to stick with their tried-and-true traditional style, while the fiery G.G. Sparrow (Parton) thinks tried-and-true translates to tired-and-old.Shaking things up even more is the arrival of G.G.'s rebellious grandson, Randy (Jeremy Jordan). Randy has an ear for music, but he also has an eye for Vi Rose's beautiful and talented daughter, Olivia (Keke Palmer), and the sparks between the two teenagers are causing even more heat between G.G. and Vi Rose. If these two strong-willed women can overcome their differences and find a common voice, they - and their choir - may make the most joyful noise of all.
Before the Joyful Noise opening this past holiday season, I sat down with the Queen of Country and the one-time Empress of Rap for a candid, laugh-filled and entertaining interview with the pair of stars in which Dolly explained why she hasn't done a major film in 20 years, how well she got along with Queen Latifah, her most memorable fan encounter, explains how she developed her look, discusses her famous boobs, her life motto and how important music is to her. Queen Latifah (born Dana Owens), dressed in black slacks and a white shirt, with her hair in a ponytail, Latifah explains what it was like working with Parton, describes the main theme of the movie, airs her single complaint about Dolly, reveals how her skin remains so silky smooth, her early days singing in church and Bible school and explains how gospel music changed her.
Dolly Parton and Queen Latifah in  Joyful Noise
Dolly Parton and Queen Latifah in 'Joyful Noise'
Warner Bros.
Dolly, you started your movie career with Nine to Five in 1980 and have done some great films like The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas and Steel Magnolias. But you haven't done much of anything on the big screen in 20 years, why?
Dolly: "I haven’t made a live action movie for awhile because I haven’t had the opportunity. Nobody sent me anything good the last few years. I think the last big film I did was Straight Talk. Now, I’m a little too old to play the younger parts and a little too young to play anything, but a glamorous grandmother."
Queen Latifah, your Joyful Noise costar, Dolly Parton, is a sweet and wonderful person, as you well know. Do you have any complaints about her -- at all?
Latifah: "I only have one gripe with Dolly Parton. It’s hard to lose any weight with her around." (laughs)
Queen Latifah onstage in  Joyful Noise
Queen Latifah onstage in 'Joyful Noise'
Warner Bros.
Why, what would Dolly do?
Latifah: "She would bring the most delicious homemade fudge that she made in her own kitchen. We were like little addicts going, ‘Where is it? Where is that Dolly fudge?’"
You still look great. Do you have any beauty secrets you stand by?
Latifah: "Oh, I still believe in what my grandmother taught me. You wash your skin with pure baking soda and a little water. It works just wonders."
A lot has been said about your look over the years, Dolly. Who did you fashion it after?
Dolly: "The true story is I’ve always patterned my look after the town tramp. When I was growing up, there was this woman who walked the streets in my town. I thought she was the prettiest thing in the world. I can’t say her name, but it’s enough for you to know that she was absolutely beautiful. I’d say to people, ‘Ain’t she pretty?’ I’d hear back, ‘She ain’t nothing but trash.' At that moment, I knew I wanted to have pretty things, but we couldn’t afford it when I was growing up. But I wanted to look good, so I’d pick berries and make lipsticks. I’d use matches and draw brows and beauty marks. My grandfather was a preacher and he teamed up with my Daddy. Neither of them wanted me to ever wear any makeup, but they couldn’t wipe it off me or burn it out of me. But I was a rebel. I got whipped a lot for just being myself."
Of course, Dolly, your biggest physical trademark has always been your large upper torso, but you are thin as a rail. At 65, you have a body that 21 year olds would envy.
Dolly: "Well, I've always had nice boobs. I got them doctored some, as years when by. As for my waist, I stay so skinny because I starve! (laughs) I gained a bunch of weight when I was middle aged and I knew that I couldn’t continue to eat like a country girl anymore. Now, I’m just a tiny thing."
Dolly Parton onstage in  Joyful Noise
Dolly Parton onstage in 'Joyful Noise'
Warner Bros
Dolly, there a rumor that your waist is only ten inches around.
Dolly: "It depends on what I’m eating. I promise you it will be bigger after Christmas."
In your new film Joyful Noise (her first major big screen role since 1992’s Straight Talk) you and Queen Latifah work wonderfully together. What was that like? How did the two of you get along?
Dolly: "It was great. I wanted to set out to inspire people with this movie. But what was really inspiring to me was working with Queen Latifah. I’ll never forget the first day in the recording studio. It was the first time we laid eyes on each other in person and we just went to the mike and started jamming and singing. I thought, ‘I just love her.' I loved her ‘tell it like it is’ demeanor. Where I’m from, we always tell it like it is. (laughs) Let’s be honest here. You can get some Hollywood individuals in a room and you just don’t have that thing that clicks. We really liked each other. We weren’t playing with each other. We just clicked from the beginning."
Latifah. did you ever have any worries about working with Dolly?
Latifah: "We talked on the phone first about how we felt about this idea for the movie and the script. I was excited and she was excited to work together. It was a given that we were going to make this movie."
Queen Latifah in  Joyful Noise
Queen Latifah in 'Joyful Noise'
Warner Bros.
How would you describe Joyful Noise?
Latifah: "This movie is about love. It’s uplifting, which is what all of us need during these tough times."
It must have been a thrill working with Dolly.
Latifah: "It was, but I wasn’t surprised that I liked her as much as I did. It was a happy thrill to find out that she was everything I thought she would be and much more. She was so humble, giving and cool. Dolly is just Dolly. I could barely keep my uncles off the phone. They were like, ‘Tell Dolly, I love her!’ I was like, ‘OK, enough!’"
The two of you have to get into a catfight in the movie. What was that like? Was it a hoot?
Dolly: "That fight was such good fun and that showed on camera. We shot it for a whole day and we were in deep by the end of the day. I was worn out, but I was also ready to get down and dirty. We were even on the floor sliding around in spaghetti. It was so much fun."
Latifah, I heard Dolly was pretty fast in your catfight scene.
Latifah: "Who knew that Dolly had the deadliest aim? The short ones are always quicker."
Dolly Parton in  Joyful Noise
Dolly Parton in 'Joyful Noise'
Warner Bros.
After all your years in the entertainment business, what would you say was you strangest fan encounter?
Dolly: "I have a farm in Nashville and one day in the ‘60s we came home and there was a box near our gate with a baby in it. I had just recorded the song ‘Jolene’ and the note said, ‘Her name is Jolene. I named her after you, so please keep her.’ (laughs) I called child services. Immediately! Can you even believe it?"
Latifah, is it true that one of the ways you like to relax is to listen to gospel music?
Latifah: "Absolutely. I grew up on it. I grew up between New Jersey, Virginia and Maryland churches. You didn’t have a choice, but learn to love gospel music and I still love it."
Did you sing at church or when you went to vacation Bible school?
Latifah: "I did. I used to stay with my aunt in Virginia and she directed a big mass choir in Virginia. I loved going to choir rehearsal and watch how they built a song. When the choir began to rock it, I had a joyful feeling. I loved when it was Christmas time and I came to learn all the new songs. Gospel still soothes me. It’s praise music. No matter what denomination that music has feeling to it."
Can music change your life?
Latifah: "Of course. The only time I can say I almost caught the Holy Ghost was in choir rehearsals. This song moved me to the point that I had to have a little talk with my grandmother. I said, ‘Something about that music changed my life.’ She said, I know what you’re feeling.’ Music just gets into your soul."
Warner Bros.
Dolly, you also have your own amusement park with Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Do you like being a part of the park.
Dolly: "I do. I love everything that I do. My music is the reason why I’m enjoying my Dollywood and all the other stuff. Honestly, the music is still the most important thing to me. It’s a song that brought me out of the Smokey Mountains. God has been so good to me. So many of my friends who are my age aren’t doing much anymore. I feel like I’m just starting again. I’m dreaming new dreams."
Dolly, do you have a life motto you live by?
Dolly: "My basic motto in life is if you want rainbows then you’ve got to put up with the rain." (laughs)
Have you ever thought about retiring, Dolly?
Dolly: "I just got off tour. I love being on the road. As for slowing down, I’m like the Energizer Bunny – the Playboy version." (laughs)
Joyful Noise Bonus Features: "Make Some Noise" featurette and "Leading Ladies" featurette. (Available May 1)
Warner Bros.
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