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article imageAssange — 'The World Tomorrow' — Ep. 2: Zizek & Horowitz (Video)

By Anne Sewell     Apr 24, 2012 in World
London - In episode 2 of this controversial series, Julian Assange of WikiLeaks fame interviews two people from totally separate points of view. One from the left-wing and one from the right.
On the left is Slovenian sociologist, philosopher and former anti-communist dissident turned communist, Slavoj Zizek. On the right is David Horowitz, who is a radical right-wing Zionist. In previous years Horowitz was a left-wing radical and was involved in fundraising for the Black Panther Party.
Julian Assange & Slavoj Žižek
Julian Assange & Slavoj Žižek
Video screen capture
Assange wants to know the opinions of both parties on the state of Europe and the U.S.A.
The episode starts with a discussion between Assange, Horwitz and Zizek about the viability and legality of WikiLeaks.
Next item on the agenda is the activities and politics of various recent U.S. Presidents and the power of the U.S.A in the world.
Disagreements between the two guests then arise about the social security system in Europe and its failure.
Discussions are then in place about left-wing politics and religion, with Horowitz criticizing the left-wing and Zizek arguing back.
David Horowitz
David Horowitz
Video screen capture
Assange then brings up the subject of the Black Panthers, and David Horowitz's involvement in their financing. Zizek compares him to "a bank financing Hitler."
They then discuss Nazis and Palestinians.
The group then discusses the upcoming presidential elections, with David Horowitz at first stating there there is no suitable presidential candidate, but finally accepting that Romney has the best choice of replacing Obama.
There is much humor throughout the episode, including Zizek stating that he would visit Assange in the gulagh when he is arrested.
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