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article imageOp-Ed: Half-naked old timer shoots up police van

By Larry Clifton     Apr 23, 2012 in Crime
Did you ever get so frustrated by electronic speed traps and law enforcement speeding signs that you felt like blasting one? Me either. But that’s exactly what a grandpa-looking senior clothed only in a nightshirt did to a parked law-enforcement van.
The shooter, obviously in dire need of anger management classes, got out of his car and began blasting away at a crewless Sante Fe, New Mexico, speed-enforcement van in the middle of the night (see video).
There’s a good chance that the aging gunslinger won’t get away with dissing the police vehicle though because it was equipped with a video camera that captured the entire shoot out, according to a Tampa Bay 10 News report.
The gray-haired blaster was dressed in a “flowing nightshirt,” his plump body silhouetted underneath by the glow of his car’s headlights.
The fired-up oldster shot up the speed van after parking in the middle of Bishop's Lodge Road near Fort Marcy Park in Santa Fe.
"He walks toward the speed van and he actually begins to fire rounds into the windshield and toward the top portion of the vehicle," said Santa Fe Police Capt. Aric Wheeler.
There was no traffic in the area to stress the barefoot marksman but police have their suspicions about what set him off, even though they had not made an arrest at press time.
"I didn't expect somebody to be slowly, methodically walking up and taking shots at the vehicle," Wheeler said.
If evidence reveals that “quick draw” received a citation from the remote unit earlier, it will be become quite an expensive citation.
"If in fact it turns out that he got a citation from the speed van, he's looking at a $100 fine," Wheeler said. "Now we're looking at felony charges."
Police said they'd appreciate a call from anyone who recognizes the man; hopefully a judge will eventually order him to attend those anger management classes.
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