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article imageNew Black Panther chief defiant after racial rant

By Larry Clifton     Apr 23, 2012 in Politics
A Florida television station's claim that the Tampa Bay New Black Panther Chief, Michelle Williams, apologized for calling for a race war rings hollow.
This month, Michelle Williams, Tampa leader of the New Black Panthers, called for a race riot on Bubba the Love Sponge's nationally syndicated radio show just before George Zimmerman’s arrest - days later she followed up with a tearful but remorseless television interview at Tampa Bay 10 News.
Some of the racially derogatory comments made by the New Black Panthers chief that raised brows during Bubba’s Tampa Bay-based radio show included the following racial rant:
“Let me tell you, the things that’s about to happen, to these honkeys, these crackers, these pigs, these pink people, these —- people. It has been long overdue. My prize right now this evening … is gonna be the bounty, the arrest, dead or alive, for George Zimmerman. You feel me?”
The New Black Panthers put a $10,000 dead or alive bounty on George Zimmerman’s head. Zimmerman, as a member of a Sanford Florida neighborhood watch program, was arrested for the second degree murder of Trayvon Martin, a 17-year-old black male from Miami who was visiting relatives in Sanford.
Williams' racial diatribe stands in stark contrast to Dr. Martin Luther King's teachings that began racial healing and moved the country forward at a time when civil war truly seemed eminent.
Zimmerman claims Martin attacked him, pummeling him against the ground, before he killed the teen in self-defense.
Zimmerman was arrested last week and released on $150,000 bail yesterday.
A few days after using Bubba’s show to make the infuriating racial remarks, the new Black Panthers Chief of Staff was interviewed by Tampa News 10 reporter Melanie Michael. The headline for the report was: “New Black Panther Party chief of staff Michelle Williams apologizes after George Zimmerman radio outburst.”
However, in the interview conducted by Melanie Michael, there doesn't seem to be an apology, only the Tampa Bay 10 News headline that claims Williams apologized.
According to Melanie Michael, Williams “spoke openly.”
"My words were out of anger. I did not incite, I did not promote, nor did I encourage anyone to go and pick up a gun,"Williams told Melanie Michael, which was apparently enough for Tampa Bay News 10 to label her remarks an apology.
Michelle Williams is no stranger to police. Williams, once known as Michelle Conyers, has allegedly been arrested on multiple charges in the past, ranging from “aggravated assault with a handgun to fraudulent use of personal information, fraudulent use of a credit card, petty theft, two counts of grand theft, two counts of forgery and exploitation of an elderly person, according to a separate Channel 10 News report.
The Tampa Bay 10 News report by Melanie Michael raised more eyebrows and the station was bombarded by email, partly because of the headline's claim that Williams had apologized for her racial rant when the interview showed a tearful but defiant Williams.
Williams since resigned from a much lower profile civic role as an appointed member of Hillsborough County's Nuisance Abatement Board, according to The Tampa Tribune. The board is an "obscure body" that hears cases dealing with crime-ridden properties.
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