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article imageWoman declared brain dead gives birth to twin boys

By JohnThomas Didymus     Apr 23, 2012 in Health
A 26-year-old woman who suffered a sudden fatal brain aneurysm has given birth to a set of twins at a hospital in Michigan after doctors declared her brain dead.
Two hidden aneurysms that doctors say she must have carried since she was born burst suddenly. The woman, who had been active and healthy moments, before suddenly slumped unconscious and was declared brain dead at the hospital.
But Christine Bolden gave birth to a set of twins, Alexander and Nicholas, on April 17. She carried her babies to 25 weeks.
According to Danielle Bolden, Christine's aunt, who spoke with WOODTV8, Christine was kept on life support to save her babies. Danielle said tearfully that keeping Christine on life support has been difficult. According to The Inquisitr, she said: “It was a hurting feeling...going [to the hospital] seeing her laying there.”
Danielle told WOODTV8 that Christine was walking with her boyfriend and three-year-old son on March 6 when she fell to the ground. She said the family did not realize how serious Christine's condition was at first until doctors said two aneurysms in her brain had burst.
Daily Mail reports that according to the doctors, the aneurysms were probably present from birth. The stress of pregnancy might have caused them to burst.
After she was declared brain dead, the family refused to give up on her babies and hoped they might be able to save them.The Inquisitr reports doctors had been hoping Christine would carry the twins to full-term, but after weeks of being on live support with her blood pressure rising to levels that placed the babies at risk, the family took the decision to take Christine off life support in order to save the twins. Doctors performed a C-section without using anesthesia because the family hoped the pain might rouse Christine from "sleep."
According to Danielle: "Christine's grandmother told them not to numb her because maybe when they cut her (for the C-section) she would have felt that, and woke up saying, 'wait a minute I can feel that! What is you all doing to me!' But it didn't happen."
Christine's twins, Alexander and Nicholas, were delivered safely but their mother died after she was taken off life support. Danielle said: “Once they were born and they wheeled them past us, everybody was anxious looking. It was hard. It was hard knowing that the babies would be born and she wasn’t coming home afterwards.” She added: "God could have took her and the boys. But he left the boys. That's a miracle. Once the babies were born; that was the end of her."
The boys, born premature, were very small. Nicholas weighed only one pound and nine ounces, while Alexander weighed one pound and five ounces. They are being closely watched at the neonatal intensive care unit. According to hospital officials, the boys are in "fragile condition," and their health is being monitored "day by day."
Daily Mail reports the family has set up an account at 5/3 Bank in Grand Rapids in Christine Bolden's name for anyone who would like to give financial assistance. Friends and former co-workers are giving support. Christine had worked at the Tiffany Woods apartment complex in Muskegon, as a cleaner. Her former boss Astriana Sari, said: "She was all around a very funny and nice girl. She always brought her family and kids and nieces and nephews to events. Just like other mothers, she was very caring about her kids. They were very well mannered; she raised them well."
Sari said when she heard the news, she was shocked: "All I could think about was how we take life for granted. It could happen to anyone. I'm praying for the twins to be all right. Hopefully they will make it."
According to The Huffiington Post, there have been other instances of women giving birth while in a coma. In 2001, Chastity Cooper carried her baby to full-term after falling into a coma in a car accident. She was only two weeks pregnant at the time of the accident. In 2010, a baby was born to a Somali woman who was in coma due to a brain tumor.
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