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article imageBlonde waitresses get bigger tips?

By Kathleen Blanchard     Apr 22, 2012 in Odd News
Results of a poll shows it pays to be blonde if you’re a waitress in France. According to the findings, tips are 25% bigger for blondes, compared to those left for brunettes. The finding comes from The University of Southern Brittany.
But that only holds true for men who tip – women diners showed no preference for blonde waitresses.
Apparently just being blonde is enough to get more money. Nicolas Guéguen who led the project thought men were just bigger tippers than women. To ensure the results weren't related to poor service, the waitresses wore different color wigs.
According to The Local, “43 percent of male customers leave a tip compared to only 30 percent for female customers.”
But brunettes shouldn’t take the findings too seriously. When it comes to marriage, brunettes were found in a 2008 survey to be the preference for men.
In the study, 50% of men said the gal they married had different hair color from their girlfriends. Men prefer to date blondes who are thought to be more outgoing and fun.
A poll conducted by the social network site Badoo in August 2011 revealed almost 60% of men said they prefer women with dark hair – and with the exception of French men, most prefer their women to be a curvy size 14. Blonde waitresses get better tips – at least in France- but brunettes fare better when it comes to marriage and family.
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