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article imageDid Canuck Kevin Bieksa pose as Ryan Kesler and fool Fox Sports?

By Marcus Hondro     Apr 22, 2012 in Sports
It's hard not to like Kevin Bieksa for a variety of reasons, he's a hard-nosed hockey player, great teammate, awesome in the community and has a sense of humor which rivals Ben Stiller. In fact, he looks a bit like Ben Stiller.
One person that he doesn't look like, however, is teammate Ryan Kesler. But that didn't stop Bieksa from doing a radio interview as Ryan Kesler when Mike Dunsmore, a reporter for Fox Sports radio in L.A., thought Bieksa was the Canucks star center after game 4 of the Kings-Canucks series.
Kevin Bieksa channels Ryan Kesler
It's an extensive interview and Bieksa talks about, among other things, his college hockey days (Kesler played college hockey, Bieksa Canadian junior) and about Canadian and American hockey fans. When asked about how Vancouver fans might take a series loss on home-ice, he said he prefers American fans (Kesler is American, Bieksa is Canadian). Dunsmore must have been salivating about getting a Canucks player to say he preferred American fans and Bieksa didn't mince words.
"I'm an American and I like playing in the States," the defenceman as the forward told the identification-challenged reporter. "The fans in Canada are great but this is where the real hockey fans are in my opinion. I love the States and this will always be a home for me."
Kevin Bieksa pulls no punches
When Vancouver hockey reporter Jason Botchford got wind of the mix-up he asked Bieksa about it and the prankster took a shot at Dunsmore, and at himself (he, Bieksa, that is). "That guy's an idiot," he told Botchford. "It's his own fault if he can't tell the difference between an all star center and a plug defenceman. He shouldn't even be allowed in the room. He doesn't know who Ryan Kesler is? Ryan Kesler won a silver medal for them."
And finally, when Dunsmore asked what he, Kesler, had in the way of a nickname on the team, he, Bieksa, said "Guzzler." Which might work for Dunsmore, given he guzzled everything thrown his way...or did he? There are laughs from Dunsmore as he asks some of the questions and many commentators online are wondering if the two cooked the whole thing up.
So it could be that you and I are the guzzlers.
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