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article imageOp-Ed: More hate crime nonsense — This time black on white

By Alexander Baron     Apr 22, 2012 in Crime
Chicago - The Trayvon Martin case has claimed another victim, a white youth has been viciously assaulted in Chicago by two black ones in a bizarre revenge attack.
Unsophisticated minds work in unsophisticated ways. In 1992, after four uniformed thugs were acquitted of a near fatal assault on a hapless black motorist, Rodney King, blacks in Los Angeles went on an orgy of rioting, burning and murder targeting whites, and even Korean shopkeepers.
Last August in Britain, after an unarmed black man was shot dead by armed police in North London, blacks, and then blacks, whites and a handful of Asians, went on the rampage the length and breadth of the country. A furniture shop in Croydon was burned to the ground, and a young Malaysian student was the victim of a vicious assault and then a callous robbery within seconds.
There have been all manner of attempts to explain this behaviour, and a few, by the usual suspects, to excuse it, but criminality is criminality, be it sophisticated or just plain dumb. How did murdering innocent white people and robbing innocent Korean shopkeepers avenge the beating of Rodney King? Revenge entails targeting those responsible, namely the police concerned, or the police generally. Ditto the shooting of Mark Duggan, not in that case, attacking other innocent people which results only in causing them pain and suffering. Best not to put ideas into simple heads though.
This is what has been called the madness of crowds, but in Chicago last week it was the dumbness of two. Alton L. Hayes III and an underage accomplice attacked an innocent white youth in the street, attempted to rob him, and battered him for good measure. Perhaps we should say allegedly, but Hayes told police that he did what he did because he was angry at the Trayvon Martin killing. He has been charged with a hate crime. What precisely is a hate crime?
Well, apparently, using a racial epithet and punching a man in the face is a hate crime - even if he is the same race as you - but attempting to murder him, and shooting and paralysing a 5 year old girl by mistake is not.
Hate crime has absolutely nothing to do with violence, or with crime at all for that matter, rather it is a concept that was invented in order to justify, impose and extend censorship. The none too subtle and wilfully spurious reasoning behind it is that hate crime has its roots in hate speech, and in order to combat hate crime, we must eliminate hate speech. And how are we to do that? By imposing Draconian penalties on those who use it, and of course in order to impose those penalties we must be able to constantly monitor their speech, which will involve even more repressive laws, and spying on their Internet postings, even their e-mails. And who is their here? Why, everyone of course.
Things haven't gone entirely to plan though, it started with rappers addressing each other by the dreaded N word, and calling their girlfriends bitches and hoes, though it remains to be seen why any woman would want to be seen dead on the arm of a man who dissed her in such a despicable fashion. And occasionally, homosexuals have been known to refer to each other as queers. That too is allowed, apparently.
Of course, there is such a thing as plain bad manners, there is no need for any of us to be ultra-courteous, but by the same token there is no need for us to go around insulting each other either. So where does this leave Alton Hayes? For the moment behind bars, until he can raise an $80,000 bond, or whatever percentage of it the court will accept.
As he will in all likelihood be there for some time, it might be an idea for the powers-that-be to arrange some education for him. Formal logic and syllogisms may well be beyond him, but he should at least be taught that one person and one person alone was responsible for the death of Trayvon Martin, namely George Zimmerman, and however that eventually pans out in court, no one in Chicago is responsible: white, male, 19 years old or anything else. What if his victim were to seek revenge on an innocent black man, and that victim on another innocent white man, and that victim on...
As the man said, an eye for an eye leaves us all blind.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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