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article imageOp-Ed: Old murders, old hat — O.J. Simpson and Siôn Jenkins

By Alexander Baron     Apr 22, 2012 in Crime
Two old murders are back in the news in a very minor way at the moment. There is a new claim that O.J. Simson is innocent, and a new suspect for the murder of Bille-Jo Jenkins. At least, that is what some would have us believe.
The name O.J. Simpson needs no introduction, but the name Siôn Jenkins may not be too familiar to most people outside the UK. The Simpson double murder needs no introduction either; everyone knows OJ did it; everyone knows the jury in that case sucked; everyone knows the case split America on racial lines; everyone knows that probably about 1% of America's blacks now believe OJ was framed. There is now said to be a new suspect, OJ's son from his previous marriage, Jason.
Actually, he is not such a new subject, but William C. Dear, who is said to be a private investigator, has recently published a book that bears the modest title O.J. is Innocent and I Can Prove. Fittingly, it can not only be found on Amazon but being reviewed by a website called Vatican Assassinations. Perhaps the Pope ordered it, or his predecessor. One word of warning, if you are easily offended, don't click the previous link. Suffice it to say that while Patricia McAllister may believe Zionist Jews are behind the Grand Conspiracy, some people blame it on the Catholics. It remains to be seen why OJ Simpson was targeted by the hidden hand, maybe it was on account of that film he made about the Mars landing, who knows, perhaps that was a coded message that the Moon landings were faked, as some conspiracy theorists (read nutters) have been telling us for decades.
For those interested in facts rather than wild ravings, this excellent dedicated academic website is the place to start.
While the O.J. Simpson murder trial made good theatre, there is really nothing humorous about murder, and no one laughed on this side of the Pond in February 1997 when a teenage girl had her head caved in as she was painting in the back of a Hastings house. Billie-Jo Jenkins was not related to Siôn Jenkins; he and his wife had four daughters and were fostering her. It was schoolmaster Jenkins who found the body, so it was not unnatural that he would have blood on his clothes. Although his behaviour immediately after the murder may have seemed strange, different people react in different ways to shock and trauma at different times, so it was perhaps unwise to read too much into that, as the police did. Jenkins was not charged until March 14, and was unusually granted bail. He was convicted, and had an appeal dismissed, but eventually the case was referred back to the Court of Appeal by the Criminal Cases Review Commission, and a retrial was ordered. Jenkins had two of them, being granted bail again. Both retrials ended in hung juries. After the second, it was decided that it would be unfair/oppressive to subject him to yet another, so he was formally discharged. Jenkins is thus the only man alive - in the UK at least - to have been tried three times for the same murder and to walk free having never had a jury formally pronounce him not guilty.
Naturally he has always protested and continues to protest his innocence; at least one person believed him, the woman who would become his second wife. He must have seemed quite a catch after Ted Bundy, who got spliced while he was actually on trial for murder. His first wife turned against him and now lives in Tasmania, although both she and their two eldest daughters returned for the retrials.
Now, we are told, there is a new suspect, serial rapist Antoni Imiela. Could this be true? The Home Office doesn't seem to think so, which is why Jenkins was refused any compensation after he was finally cleared.
The big problem is not Imiela, but Jenkins. His belated claim that he actually saw the murderer in the house is the least of his credibility problems. If he had made that claim at his first trial, there would have been no successful appeal. There was also, supposedly, another suspect, a man who had a strange fetish, but he was ruled out at the time, certainly he was nowhere near the house when the murder happened. The only credible evidence places four people at the scene of the murder: the victim, Jenkins, and his two young daughters. Ruling out suicide, and the two girls, who does that leave?
Prior to the murder, there had been a series of mystery nuisance phone calls made to the house, and on one occasion a prowler had been seen in the garden. Again, the problem is Jenkins, because all these reports emanated from him, which rather shockingly suggests premeditation. None of these painfully obvious facts was raised by the Crown at any of his trials, and by the third one, the defence was able to pull the wool over the eyes of the jury if not enough to raise a reasonable doubt then enough to leave it sitting on the fence.
Could Imiela have been responsible for the murder of Billie-Jo Jenkins? Imiela's movements have been very carefully traced; he has been ruled out for the Chillenden Murders, (although to date bus stop killer Levi Bellfield has not).
The police and courts do of course sometimes get it wrong, even in the most serious cases, but Jason Simpson has been at large for the best part of two decades now, and has apparently not murdered anyone else, nor given anyone serious concern that he is a dangerous psychopath, nor has he confessed. He did have, shall we say, issues, in the past, but the police appear to have been satisfied at the time that he was not involved in the double killing, and the suggestion that OJ took the rap for his mentally disturbed son is slightly fanciful. Ask yourself, is Simpson the sort of man who would perform an idealistic if misguided act like this, even for his own flesh and blood?
It is always easier to make claims than to prove them, but while anything about OJ is still news after a fashion, and while any unsolved murder - including, legally at any rate the murder of Billie-Jo Jenkins - is a valid topic for intelligent speculation, these current speculations will sell newspapers and even a few books, but it remains to be seen if any fresh legal proceedings will result.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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