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article imageOp-Ed: British kid called Cameradancer100 is viral sensation on YouTube

By Elizabeth Batt     Apr 21, 2012 in Entertainment
An English kid known only as Cameradancer100 is taking YouTube by storm with his rendition of stars such as Rihanna, Adele and Justin Bieber.
Although Cameradancer describes himself as an "Amazing Dancer and Singer, Haterz" at his YouTube channel, visitors viewing his videos tend not to always concur.
One poster wrote, "Kill it!! Kill it before it lays eggs!!" and another wrote, "God, you really don't help our British Stereotype kid." But love him or hate him, his YouTube channel has over 35,000 subscribers, and his videos have been viewed an astonishing 10,241,710 times.
He must have something that keeps people coming back and he's certainly not shy about sharing his joie de vivre, except perhaps with his mom. "Mum!" Don't come in!" he screams before launching into Rihanna's S&M song, as requested by fellow YouTube users.
Some YouTube peeps actually warmed up to Cameradancer's cover version of Adele's "Someone Like You." One comment asked him, "Why don't you sing like this in your other videos?" And another viewer lambasted everyone on the board as bullies, telling them to leave the kid alone. One comment however, was bitter-sweet. KingFero7 admitted, "this isn't the best video in the world but if you post more videos like this you'll have less people that want to kill you."
One of Cameradancer's most viewed renditions, is "Baby" by Justin Bieber. To date it has racked up an impressive 1,321,942 views, perhaps because somebody tagged it as "incredibly disturbing."
But my personal favorite is "Hit Me Baby One More Time," by Britney (or Britiney Spears as Cameradancer calls her). Simply because of the lip action.
And to the person who asked whether Cameradancer100 was thrown at birth a few times. Harsh and uncalled for. Instead I'll defer to another post, which described Cameradancer100, as the most real dude on here. Ain't that the truth? Have at it kid. Thanks for cheering up a dreary Saturday afternoon.
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