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article imageReview: Battered burglars and battered fathers in next week's soaps Special

By Alexander Baron     Apr 21, 2012 in Entertainment
Had George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin in Britain, the case would have been handled very differently, if the daytime soap 'Doctors' is anything to go by.
Thursday, this BBC drama saw a shall we say mature, doctor, confronting a burglar in his own home. Wisely, he took a cricket bat with him, but the burglar, armed with a screwdriver, was a bit too much for him, and made his escape. Not to be deterred, the doctor exited stage left, and battered the thug in the street with said cricket bat.
The burglar went down, and was still down yesterday afternoon, now Dr Heston Carter had some explaining to do at the police station. Like so many innocent people he believed that because he had done nothing wrong he could give his version of events and everything would be fine. What he was soon to realise is that plod doesn't work like that. Did he sleep with a cricket bat by his bed? The inference being that he had no right to, and all manner of other innuendo. Fortunately, there was a friendly plod on shift who advised him to shut up and get a lawyer. How will it all pan out? Obviously very differently from the Martin-Zimmerman affair in Florida. Here is a British perspective on that.
Over in Emmerdale, there is what appears to be a spot of domestic violence, with a twist, it is the local vicar who is being accused - including by his own wife - of battering his elderly father. The lovely Laurel actually walks in on Ashley as he is slapping the old man. Will she believe it is the first time? Hardly credible is it, especially as the octogenarian has fallen over before while having an altercation with his son. That was genuinely an accident, but Ashley's excuses have as much credibility with her as Laurel's claim with him that she didn't actually sleep with the chef of the local boozer earlier this year.
The actor who plays the Reverend Ashley Thomas appears to be not entirely happy with the plot, because some fans are unable to distinguish fact from fiction. It looks like Ashley won't be a vicar for much longer, though hopefully his alter ego won't get thumped next time he watches Newcastle United. Still, at least he doesn't support Sheffield United, who up until recently have been fielding a rapist.
Not a lot is happening in Coronation Street at the moment, apart from a heart attack and a bit of soul searching, but there appears to be a lot of scheming to come. Finally, over in EastEnders, the truth about the death of launderette lady Heather has yet to come out, but queen of sluts Bianca is about to get her just desserts when her hands go wandering onto somebody else's money belt. Yet to come is the downfall of recalcitrant teen Lauren, who having been over-generous with her sexual favours has decided booze has more to offer her than men. That argument has some merit, but only if she is drinking alone, or dare we mention again the little matter of former Sheffield United striker Ched Evans and what dirtbags like him do to young girls who drink too much for their own good?
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