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article imageEnglish Defence League will celebrate 3 years with Luton rally

By Richard Milnes     Apr 22, 2012 in World
Luton - The English Defence League are planning to hold a national demonstration in Luton on Saturday, 5 May 2012. ‘Love Luton – Love the English Defence League’.
An EDL facebook group is already spruiking the event as “the biggest demo to date”.
On 19 April 2012, Luton Borough Council’s website reported “Considerable work is going on to ensure a safe and peaceful protest by both groups [EDL and UAF] is facilitated, with discussions continuing in order to establish appropriate locations for the assemblies, marches and protests. There are no confirmed arrangements in place yet.”
The Luton and Dunstable Express reports that the police have warned the EDL leader, Tommy Robinson, about a threat to his safety. However, the brave patriot brushed it off saying that it was nothing new to him and that the march would go ahead as planned.
Promotional video
A promotional video for the demonstration shows a Muslim extremist assaulting Tommy Robinson (real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon) in an unprovoked attack in Luton, where Tommy was born and bred.
The video claims that there is “a large element that is being allowed to continue to spread hatred, racial and religious bigotry and generally sow the seeds of radicalism within the town and surrounding areas.”
The video also criticises ‘Luton in Harmony’, a Luton Borough Council initiative and reminds viewers that Al-Abdaly, the Stockholm bomber, was based in Luton.
Kevin Carroll interview
Kevin Carroll (Tommy Robinson’s cousin) who is described as “EDL co-leader” on the EDL’s website, was interviewed by BBC Three Counties Radio.
He explained why there would be another march: “It’s two-fold really. Firstly, it’s a celebration of three years of us existing and secondly because there are still massive ongoing problems within Luton town as far as Islamic extremism goes and Luton Borough Council’s inability and ineffectiveness to deal with these.”
“We’re not extremists – not by a long shot. We are a symptom of extremism. We were formed because of extremists - because of Islamic extremists in Luton. Luton Borough Council have formed ‘Luton in Harmony’, which is a joke and it’s failing miserably and has failed Lutonions and failed completely. Because the very fact that they have to say that Luton is in harmony means there is a problem.”
Hazel Simmons, Labour Leader of Luton Borough Council was also interviewed. Despite being the leader of the Council, she believed that it was her human right not to talk to the EDL “I am not prepared to talk to EDL – they are a ‘racist’ organisation.” She went on to say “Everything they say is ‘racist’”.
Last year's EDL demonstration in Luton
However, as reported by the BBC, the Labour Councillor’s allegations of racism are not shared by Abdul Salaam, a moderate Muslim supporter of the EDL, who was interviewed at last year’s EDL Luton rally. Mr Salaam explained to the reporter “These are patriotic Englishmen. These are red-blooded Englishmen. They’re not racist. They are supporters of England.”
Speaking at last year’s Luton rally on Saturday, 5 February 2011 Tommy Robinson had this to say “You can say “Luton is in harmony”. You can write ‘Luton is in harmony’. You can keep on telling everyone “Luton is in Harmony” – It is not in harmony!”
Later in his speech he highlighted the banning of an English emblem by a local school “Icknield High School, last year banned the emblem of St George. Banned it! They sent letters home to our parents, of our children, telling them that if they bring in the emblem of St George, even a pin badge, they will be suspended! Suspended! Suspended!”
He made his views regarding Hazel Simmons quite clear. “We stand here today to tell Hazel Simmons “You sell out!””
Kevin Carroll, also speaking at last year’s rally said “Luton has always been in harmony. I know most people in this town: black, white, Hindu, Sikh. I know most of them. There has never been a problem, never - until these people got radicalized and started putting it on the populous in this town. And when they upset our Anglican home coming march, that was the straw that broke the camel’s back - and hence the birth of the EDL.
“But when they burnt our poppies that took it to another level. That was absolutely disgusting. We all saw what Tommy Robinson did - fair play to him. He put Daley Thompson to shame, leaping that barrier.”
Past demonstrations
Although, to begin with there had been some teething problems at the EDL’s demonstrations and marches, they now pass off peacefully as the recent Hyde and Leicester demonstrations have shown. Often however, the far-left extremists of the UAF (which is supported by David Cameron, the British Prime Minister and the National Union of Journalists) will try to confront and attack the EDL, which has led to some violence and arrests in the past. The police are now better prepared to deal with the two opposing sides.
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