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article imageOp-Ed: Secret Service scandal is an indictment on American culture

By Eric Morales     Apr 20, 2012 in World
Oscar Wilde once said "Moderation is a fatal thing nothing succeeds like excess." It seems as if this is the mantra of today's culture.
The news has been abuzz with the sex scandal involving the dozen or so Secret Service agents assigned to President Obama's trip to Colombia, ever since the Washington Post was first to break the story. Now the agents involved have been partially identified they are: David Chaney and Greg Stokes the latter was in charge of training the Secret Services' canines at there training center according to CNN. David Chaney oddly enough had a stint protecting Dick Chaney as well as Sarah Palin.
Its a photo taken of Palin by Chaney which got the former Vice President nominee a bit hot under the collar. In the photo Chaney is seen with Palin as well as a woman in a skimpy bikini who is looking at Chaney. After a friend commented on the photo Chaney responded that he was 'checking her out' apparently in reference to Sarah Palin. "Well, check this out, buddy, you're fired!" Palin said Thursday in a Fox News interview. I can't help but scoff at Mrs. Palin's indignation, considering she is such an attention hound, and Chaney's remarks show he was paying her attention, and his remarks now being made public is giving her more attention, but I digress.
Sarah Palin went onto say on Fox that the scandal was proof of government run amok. I disagree. But before I elaborate I'd like to point out that the Secret Service is within a department practically sacred to conservatives, that of Homeland Security in a move made by President Bush. So couldn't any decline in Secret Service performance be laid at the altar of one George W.? You'd betcha.
If anything the scandal is just a symptom of today's culture. Ever fixated on self, ones own needs which over the years have grown ever more extravagant. Take for instance that last year's second top rated cable show was the Jersey Shore, one can't help but wonder whether the secret service agents, and soldiers involved in the scandal could pass the auditioning to be on the show themselves. The Times reported this week that the prostitutes involved can be traced to a bordello where prostitutes wait for 'customer's' to ring a bell to signal its time to 'go to work.' One person in Colombia told the Times the establishment is frequented by Americans.
Today's society is ever dependent on alcohol, prescription medication and recreational drugs. Whether it's people buying homes they can not afford, or banks giving them the loans, executives running away with bonuses large enough to buy a small or medium sized country, or the 'bling bling' culture splashed all over television, or that more teenagers know that today is four-twenty rather then the birthday of a madman who helped launch a world war many of their grandparents were directly affected by. I can not help but think that the culture of this country is just as much on decline as it's economy.
Yes these agent's had menial jobs if you have studied the U.S. Secret Service, they weren't as major league as the agents assigned to the man himself. But they had a job to do, and they let their organization down and more importantly their country. I've read they have an attorney, for what I ask? Years ago they would have hung their heads in shame, gone to Arizona and sold insurance. Are they honestly going to try and come up with some kind of an excuse. 'It wasn't what it looked like.' Give me a break.
When people can not handle the temptations of Colombia, or when twitter and facebook is gaga over the national day of pot smoking, or one can become rich and famous drinking themselves into liver failure, theirs a problem. No this scandal is not so much government run amok as it is a society out of control.
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