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Dutch cookbook comes with an unusual main ingredient

By Nicole Byerly     Apr 19, 2012 in Food
If you are trying to boost the amount of protein you consume, you are in luck. A new cookbook comes out Tuesday titled "The Insect Cookbook" filled with tasty ways to cook these little critters.
The cookbook, written in Dutch, contains several unique and unusual recipes geared to promote insects as a great source of protein. These promotions are backed by researchers at Wageningen University.
"I see this as the next step towards the introduction of insects on restaurant menus in the Netherlands. I also expect people to buy the book and start cooking with insects at home," said Marcel Dicke, a professor at Wageningen University which specializes in food and food production.
Scientists at Wageningen University reveal that insects could be one of the top providing sources of protein, which may be dependent upon once the population reaches its peak. Marcel Dicke explains that the population is projected to reach nine billion people by the year 2050, which appears to be a problem when land used for agriculture and raising livestock is decreasing.
The University spokesman also states that the emission of greenhouses used to grow insects is over one hundred times lower than the amount of gas emissions expelled during pig production. The nutritional value of insects is also very similar to that found in various meats, making this not only a healthier choice but a "green option" for those concerned about the ecosystem.
Dicke does not see eating insects as an easy alternative for individuals who are used to consuming large amounts of meat. The Insect Cookbook aims to implementing a mainstream insect diet into restaurants across The Netherlands.
Mark Van Kimmenaede, a top chef at Specktakel restaurant in Haarlem, has some concern about insects taking over a large portion of the menu at his restaurant as well as others. He believes the distinct taste of insects may be a downfall, and it is difficult to pair the taste of insects with other components of a meal. "It does not go well with fish, for example," Van Kimmenaede said, however "it is nice to have one or two dishes with insects on the menu, but it has to stay fun."
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