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article imageConspiracy theorists mark OKC Bombing Anniversary with new film

By Eric Morales     Apr 19, 2012 in Politics
Oklahoma City - Produced in Oklahoma by Free Mind Films A Noble Lie is the newest film to allege a government cover up, the film's producers go on a promotional blitz as the nation marks the 17th Anniversary.
Free Mind Films is making their debut with A Noble Lie released four months ago, which alleges that the U.S. government perpetrated the Oklahoma City Bombing attacks almost two decades ago in order to malign conservatives as well as ensure passage of then President Bill Clinton's Anti Terrorism bill through Congress.
Just 17 years ago today, in Oklahoma City the worst attack on American soil prior to 9/11 took place killing 168 people including 19 children all under the age of six and injuring more then 680 at the Alfred Murrah Federal Building which was partially destroyed in the blast and later demolished. The case would become the largest investigation in F.B.I. history with over 28,000 interviews conducted, 3.2 tons of evidence collected and over one billion pieces of evidence amassed according to the F.B.I. It would be 90 minutes after the bombing that Timothy McVeigh would first come into the cross hairs of law enforcement, when he was arrested for driving without license plates on his car and for carrying a concealed weapon. Investigator's would link the VIN number on an axle found at the bombing scene to a specific Ryder truck rental agency in Junction City using a composite sketch made with the help of the agency's owner, as well as an identification made by a worker at a hotel McVeigh had stayed at with the Ryder truck, Time magazine reported, the 26 year old former Army soldier was arrested by the F.B.I. after a hearing on the original gun charges.
Timothy McVeigh was tried and convicted in 1997 and sentenced to death. He was executed on June 11th 2001.
However that has not silenced conspiracy theorists who believe that others were involved and that the government somehow has some sort of culpability. One such person is Jane Graham, a soft spoken woman, who worked in the Department of Housing and Urban Development at the Murrah Federal Building. She was recently interviewed this week on Alex Jones' nightly internet show alongside the films' director James Lane. Ms. Graham contends she saw two men in government services administration (GSA) uniforms the day of the bombing, doing construction or maintenance work, at exactly 8:15am according to Graham's story. She later says she saw them a year later in a video about the bombing which showed footage of the men in civilian clothes. Graham states what troubled her was the unexplained change of clothing. Graham's claims support conspiracy theorists' view of more then one explosive in the Murrah Federal building.
Ms. Graham also says that two weeks before the bombing she overheard two women in a coffee shop at the Murrah Federal building talking one allegedly stated that a friend of her's in the F.B.I. had said a federal building was going to be bombed. Graham claims she was concerned thinking the woman meant the F.B.I. building where she had a relative working nearby.
One year after the Oklahoma City Bombing Jane states the conversation and the men in GSA uniforms took on a new meaning. On the film's website it's producers boasts that they use footage and eyewitness accounts to support their claims. Another such eyewitness is Craig Roberts a retired police officer with the Tulsa Police Department, who assisted in the investigation alongside the F.B.I., who alleges in part that Oklahoma City Police Sergeant Terrence Yeakey was murdered for not going along with the 'official story.'
Sergeant Yeakey was one of the first to arrive at the scene of the bombing, he went on to save 8 people from the rubble. He died in May of 1996 his death was ruled a suicide.
Oklahoma City bombing conspiracy theorists are spurned on by U.S. District Judge Clark Waddoups criticism in March of the F.B.I. for loosing video evidence related to the bombing investigation.
According to interviews given by the producers of A Noble Lie they intend on passing out copies of the film at the OKC Bombing memorial ceremony.
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