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article imageCommentator Bob Beckle screams F bomb on air

By Larry Clifton     Apr 17, 2012 in Politics
Bob Beckle, liberal commentator on Fox cable news network, came unglued last night during the popular Hannity Show, screaming, "You don't know what the f**k you're talking about..." at a conservative guest.
Before Fox, Beckle was a long-time liberal commentator on CNN's Crossfire talk show and is a veteran broadcaster. Beckle was facing female guest Jennifer Stefano when he hurled the F bomb that was apparently aimed at conservative talk show host Neil Boortz seated next to her.
After Hannity informed Beckle he was live on air and needed to apologize, Beckle crossed his arms and refused, claiming his comments were not on the air.
Hannity assured Beckle that they were on air, and said "this is live television" before apologizing on behalf of the well known liberal commentator. Though Beckle defiantly refused to apologize for his language when he thought he made them off air, he later apologized as the gravity of the situation became clear. Beckle also indicated that he imagined he would be fired.
Beckle blamed his outburst on Hannity and appeared to break out in a sweat toward the end of the show.
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