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article imageOp-Ed: GOP - The 1% Party, and that’s the whole story, is it?

By Paul Wallis     Apr 17, 2012 in Politics
Sydney - The Republican party is currently following its own script to the letter. Everything is about the rich. The GOP opposed the 30% tax, as expected. It sabotaged health care, as expected. So why are the 99% expected to vote for it?
Like so many of those baffled by America’s descent into hell, I’m finding the constant playing of the “We’re rich and insane so we can trash the country anytime we feel like it” card by conservatives fairly irritating. These are not the people that made America. They’re the people with the lousy table manners and no sense of personal hygiene.
It’s a class thing. A long time ago, the rich in the US were actual somebodies. They contributed to the society. They didn’t spend 24/7/365.25 trying to destroy it. They could hold a debate on public issues. They knew what taxes were supposed to do and why they were paid.
The big finance money in the US is nouveau riche trailer trash at best these days. They’re the flies that hung around the big GOP government spend-festivals of the hideously organised but very lucrative contracts for Iraq and other major holes in the US budget since 2001. They’re the beneficiaries of the GOP’s “never regulate people when they’re destroying the entire US economy” drive which started with the animalistic Reagan and the mindless Thatcher in 1980. They think their clients are “muppets” and that nobody should be able to afford to be healthy.
These guys earn $1 million plus per year. The minimum wage in the US at the moment is around $15,000 per year, and it hasn’t been increased since 2009.
The original US conservatives, (and I don’t mean the self-proclaimed conservatives like the Birchers, etc.) would have expected these people to by removed from the premises in a sanitary way, but not actually considered part of the human species.
It’s ridiculous to expect these descendants of nobodies to come up with ideas and policies of their own. There’s nothing in their genes to indicate that any form of thought is even possible. These are the dumb guys who don’t get the jokes, don’t understand the laughter, and spend their time resenting the fact that everyone else is enjoying themselves. That’s why they enter politics, to make sure nobody ever enjoys anything ever again.
Talking about jokes- The GOP, as “the business party”, is proposing tax cuts as an incentive to creating jobs for small business. This assumes that:
1. The average American small business is making enough money to afford suicide- Some are paying wages on their credit cards
2. The jobs created will pay great wages which will revive whole states, despite the fact that the majority of any jobs created will obviously be in the lower ranges
3. That the princely $7.25 an hour will somehow pay the costs of the local businesses dependent on disposable income for cashflow
4. That the businesses won’t simply take the tax cuts and run off to somewhere safe, like Mexico
(Just for the record- In Australia, you could, possibly, get things thrown at you for $7.25 an hour, if anyone could be bothered. You’d also have been arrested for breaching our industrial award wages- in about 1956.)
Sayeth The New York Times on the subject of a study of wages and taxes:
…From 2000 to 2007, incomes for the bottom 90 percent of earners rose only about 4 percent, once adjusted for inflation. For the top 0.1 percent, incomes climbed about 94 percent.
The recession interrupted the trend, with the sharp decline in stock prices hitting the pocketbooks of the rich. But the income share of 1 percent has since rebounded. Data that the two economists released in March showed that the top 1 percent of earners got nearly every dollar of the income gains eked out in the first full year of the recovery. In 2010, the top 10 percent of earners took about half of overall income.
This truth may be taken as self-evident: People may be created equal, but they’re sure as hell not gonna stay that way if the GOP has anything to do with it.
The 1% party.
Meanwhile, the 1% image thunders on in its un-housetrained way and the GOP is the knock kneed, geriatric cheerleader for more greed. This is getting very like the Bourbons vs. France pre revolution. A vacuum-brained “elite” of micro-cephalic office boys versus the admittedly dilapidated, but genuinely pissed off, public.
Democracy, it definitely ain’t.
That an United States election could sink to the depths of a vote for or against privilege is a farce. The trouble is that the GOP has become inextricably linked to the corporate madness in all its forms. The Republican Party and its identical twin, the Tea Party, that mysteriously selectively silent bull horn, have become the walking talking version of the 1%.
The election will be predictable, another monument to the era of political mediocrity:
1. The GOP will propose nothing but lower taxes and cutting spending, which has been the script ever since Reagan.
2. There will be no mention of the eight years of super spending on the part of the previous administration, most of was awarded to pro-GOP corporate America in the form of US government contracts. (Free enterprise, eh? Take government contracts out of the equation, and how much business do these guys actually do?)
3. There will be no mention of the bailout by the Bush administration.
4. The Super PACs will run the hate ads and miraculously pay their friends in the advertising industry a lot of donor’s money.
5. The paid online illiterates will attack any anti-GOP article accusing anyone and everyone who disagrees of socialism with their endearing grade school innuendo and lack of spelling capabilities. (This is an elite? An elite what, salad?)
Interesting to think that if I was an American writer, I’d get blacklisted by just about all US media except those two that can still read and write.
So start bleating, all you trolls. I’m just saying it first. History is going to look at you and say that you’re the people who turned America into a living hell of failure and deprivation. This is the crippled, sick nation that your filthy peasant Mammon built, the greed of your subhuman corporate mediocrities drove insane and that only your highly paid pure political corruption tolerates.
You must be very proud.
By the way- What’s 1% of nothing?
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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