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Op-Ed: Germany may support Israel against Iran

By Eliot Elwar     Apr 16, 2012 in World
Although Europe has regularly criticized Israel for many Mideast disputes, Germany would aid Israel in a likely war against Iran if current tensions come to blows. Recently, Germany sold a warship to Israel while warning Israelis against attacking Iran.
According to Reuters, Germany said it will sell Israel a sixth attack submarine and pay some of the expenses, although it warned its ally that any military arms buildup with Iran could bring immeasurable dangers. German Defense Minister Thomas de Maiziere says he understood Israel's concerns about a nuclear-armed Iran and he was persuaded that Tehran plans to make nuclear weapons, but he called for restraint.
Reuters reported that Israel operates three German-built Dolphin submarines, created by Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft (HDW). Israel expects delivery of two more warships within the near future. Theses warships are recognized as an advance guard against adversaries like Iran. Israel is threatening to take military action, with or without U.S., U.N., or European assistance, if Iran continues to defy pressure to abandan its nuclear ambitions.
According to the Federation of American Scientists, the Type-800 Dolphin-class warships are diesel-electric-powered submarines, designed for coastal patrols and they are equipped with 10 torpedo tubes. Israel is believed to have the Mideasts only nuclear weapons, which could be employed onboard the Dolphin submarines. Germany delivered the first three submarines between 1999 and 2000. By 2005, Germany made another deal with Israel for two more submarines, according to Reuters.
According to Deutsche Welle, Germany’s leadership cautions Israel against making good on its threats to strike the Iranian military. Israel only has a few really good friends and "Germany is one of them," according to Israeli journalist Gad Lior. However, friendly alliances bring responsibility, a fact understood by Chancellor Angela Merkel. When Merkel spoke to the Israeli cabinet a few years ago, she affirmed Germany's historic responsibility to the Israeli state by saying Israel’s right to exist was a significant part of Germany’s foreign policy. This history reveals why Israelis can rely on Germany.
Since the Holocaust’s end, Germany has repented of its atrocities and it has been dedicated to Israel’s defense. Nevertheless, neither the United States nor Germany wants Israel to strike Iran’s nuclear weapons facilities. Both nations have been urging Israel to let economic sanctions do their work. However, the fact of the matter is, Western economic sanctions are destined to fail because of Russian support to Iran and the Islamic Republic’s lack of concern for the Iranian people. Therefore, Germany may offer Israel support against Iran during the next Mideast conflict.
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