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article imageVirgin at 34, man launches baby making service, sired 82 in 9 yrs

By JohnThomas Didymus     Apr 16, 2012 in Lifestyle
Maastricht - A man who remained a virgin until he was 34 because he was shy with women has sired 82 children in just nine years and there are ten more on the way. Ed Houben, 42, serves about 15 childless women a month, and his service is free.
MSN Now reports Europe's super stud was a virgin when he began donating sperm at 29, at a Dutch fertility clinic. But he donated so much sperm that he had to stop because of the legal limits. Then he moved to Belgium where he began donating at a clinic. At 34, shy Houben finally began donating sperm the "natural way" and lost his virginity.
According to Spiegel Online, he began by providing service to local women, but not in the "natural way." Spiegel reports: "He would go to the women's apartments after dinner. At first, they were women who lived in the immediate vicinity. He would disappear into a room, come out a little later with a full cup, hand over the cup, drive home again and quietly lie down in his room."
But things changed when he met a couple in 2004, a Dutch man and his wife, a South American. The man did not want just a cup of sperm, he wanted him to make love to his wife. According to Spiegel, the South American woman taught Ed, now 34, about passion. Spiegel reports: "After that, Houben did perfectly well without the cup. To his astonishment, other would-be mothers wanted to have sex with him. There were lesbians, and there were also heterosexual women whose husbands agreed with the arrangement. Sometimes they would watch while it happened, or they would go for a walk or watch TV."
Houben is believed to be the most prolific babymaker in the world having successfully served women in many countries. What he does is legal, simply making babies the "natural way," and there are no legal limits to the number of babies he can make. Now at the height of success, he no longer goes to his partners, they come to him in Maastricht where he lives. But he may make an exception in a few cases such as when the would-be mother is in her fertile period. But in such cases, the partner pays his travel expenses and related costs. He has "families" in several cities of the world including in Germany, Holland, Italy, Spain, Belgium, France and New Zealand. His eldest child is nine and the youngest two months old. Houben says he is making up for lost time.
Most of his partners are women who don't want to go to a sperm bank. They also want the child to know his or her father at any age. Children sired through a sperm bank donation may not demand to know their biological father until a certain minimum age.
Daily Mail reports Houben's resume boasts of a very high "strike rate." About 80 percent of the women he has sex with become pregnant and have babies. According to Daily Mail, when he found he could donate sperm the "natural way" without legal limit, he opened a website called and began advertising his service to women in need of babies.
Houben has the reputation of a good pedigree and all his partners are required to submit medical records showing they are free of infectious diseases. He also presents his partners with a semen analysis or "spermigram" that shows his sperm count. Houben's sperrn count is 100 million, far above required for male fertility. Any man with sperm count below 20 million is not considered "good prospect." "Prospects" increase dramatically between 60-80 million. At 100 million Houben is almost a sure bet. He joked: "I don't fire blanks!"
After nine years of providing service to needy women he has sired 45 girls and 35 boys but he doesn't know the sex of two because the mothers did not tell him.
While sperm banks generally charge four to five thousand pounds for insemination, Houben provides free service, but his partners are required to sign documents waiving claims to child support. But according to a legal expert: "If all the mothers decided to sue him for maintenance he would be paying them off for the rest of this life, and the next."
He says he has a girlfriend. He told the German Der Spiegel magazine: "My girlfriend says that what I do only makes me more interesting." It is astonishing to learn he has not made his girlfriend pregnant.
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