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article imageCould the GOP be the Anti-War Party in 2012?

By Victoria N. Alexander     Apr 16, 2012 in Politics
The Ron Paul campaign reports that they captured a number of delegates in Minnesota and Colorado yesterday and will probably secure Santorum's delegates. "We are in the process of taking over the GOP," says Doug Wead, a Paul campaign advisor.
On his April 11, 2012 blog post, Wead explains how the Paul campaign strategy to capture delegates is working.
Many of the delegates who have already been selected to go to Tampa and are pledged to vote for Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich are actually Ron Paul activists who were chosen as delegates because they showed up and got elected as such, not because they committed to any of the candidates. We don’t yet have a complete count on any of this but it is substantial. We are in the process of taking over the GOP at many precinct and county levels. And that is translating into power at the state conventions where the delegations are chosen....
This means that the convention floor in Tampa will be loaded with Ron Paul supporters. And it means if Santorum releases his delegates many of them will vote for us because they were never Rick Santorum supporters in the first place.
An email sent last night from the Paul campaign to his supporters declares,
Minnesota held three district conventions. Our campaign swept all three - winning nine delegates to the Republican National Convention in Tampa!
And in Colorado, I picked up 12 delegates and 13 alternate delegates, as my campaign pushed a "unity slate" with Rick Santorum's supporters that ended up with 20 total delegates - while Mitt Romney only walked away with 16 delegates!
Before suspending his campaign, Santorum had approximately 202 delegates. These could go to Paul. If Dr. Paul does not get the GOP nomination for President, he could still very likely influence the platform to be decided at the National Convention. Paul may be best known for his "End the Fed" monetary policy, but peace is an important part of his economic plan. Therefore, bringing home U.S. soldiers will likely be top priority for Paul delegates. Republicans, who tend to be fiscally conservative, could be convinced that the funds being spent on multiple wars are just not worth it anymore.
According to a recent Washington Post poll, a majority of Republicans favor pulling out of Afghanistan.
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