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article imageReview: Soap Special: The runners in the 'Emmerdale Pregnancy Stakes'

By Jane Reynolds     Apr 16, 2012 in Entertainment
Welcome to an 'Emmerdale Special', where we speculate as to who's going to have a surprise pregnancy in the popular British Soap Opera.
*Warning: May Contain Spoilers*
Emmerdale's Producer Stuart Blackburn was on ITV1's This Morning recently, and gave us this tantalising little teaser:
"There's another woman (other than Debbie, who we know about), wandering the streets at the moment, who doesn't know she's pregnant," he said.
If he meant 'now' as being the 4th April (the day of his interview), then this needs to be a woman who (in theory), has had 'relations' over the last couple of months, so as it was the UK's 'Grand National' race week, I've put together a list of the potential runners and riders (assuming there's no late entries!):
LAUREL – Was highly fancied by Marlon Dingle, but has remained at the Thomas stables. With Ashley having decided that Sandy was unable to stay the distance and is looking to put him out to grass, what are the odds of an upset here?
GENNIE – She's stabled with that fine stallion Nikhil (who's at the peak of his fitness and can certainly be expected to perform well on the day). She's currently on medication, but is that a handicap – or could her previous good form mean she's gaining ground along the rails?
MOIRA – Surprised us all recently with a sudden burst of form when she went all-out and even swapped jockeys – either of whom could have left a lasting impression on this feisty filly. Would probably demand a Stewards Enquiry in that event.
NICOLA – Has had a few run-outs with Jimmy recently, but now that he's a gelding she'll be relying on past form to carry her through to the finish.
CHAS – A dark horse, this one, but is fit and well-fancied at present – not least by Cameron Murray (who's been showing a lot of interest and took her for a ride recently). As his other mare's been successfully put out to stud, a double certainly can't be ruled out.
CHARITY – Settled into a nice, steady routine of late, but any disruption to her schedule would seriously affect her chances of triumph in the up-coming Sharma Sales Manager Stakes; something she's been training for all year.
VICTORIA – Bit of an outsider. Had a quiet year, so is she due to cause an upset?
KATIE – She's got form (and is thought to be a non-starter in this race), but is now stabled with Declan Macey – and you can never rule him out.
ALICIA – Handicapped by poor form over recent months (she's lacking a jockey at present), but can certainly be relied-upon to stay the distance, and as David Metcalf's been showing her a bit of interest she could be one to watch out for for in the future.
RHONA – Engaging (and engaged) filly; under the care of the Vet at present, so no surprises expected there – judging by recent form. Bit of a long shot.
BRENDA – 1000/1 Rank Outsider. Despite many attempts at AI (Artificial Insemination), in the past, even though this mare's enjoying a sudden burst of form she's unfortunately proved to be a non-starter and is most-definitely out of contention in the Pregnancy Stakes as she wasn't entered in time.
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