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article imageReview: UK Soap Emmerdale — Cameron & Chas play with fire ... & get 'hot'

By Jane Reynolds     Apr 16, 2012 in Entertainment
Welcome to a review of the most recent episodes of Emmerdale; the popular British Soap Opera.
For eps broadcast in the UK 9th-13th April 2012
*Warning: May Contain Spoilers*
Gennie's spreading germs; Cameron and Chas are sharing germs (and a lot more besides), and Jimmy won't accidently be sharing anything now that he's had the snip!
In his This Morning interview a couple of weeks ago, Emmerdale Producer Stuart Blackburn said that as well as Debbie, "There's another woman wandering the streets at the moment, who doesn't know she's pregnant."
Now; was that in 'Emmerdale Time' (i.e. where they're up to in the filming), or 'Real time' (where we're up to on-screen)? It could make ALL the difference to the runners and riders in my 'Emmerdale Pregnancy Stakes' (see my extra post this week), and the odds are changing as each episode passes! Ok; let's get on.
Men don't 'get' women, do they? Nikhil overcame his fear of germs and went to visit Gennie when she was off work with her cold, but what did he take? Grapes.
"I'm sick. I need crisps," she groaned sorrowfully.
He didn't have a lot of sympathy. "You know why this is? A sluggish immune system due to your unhealthy lifestyle," he explained, then went on to criticise her alcohol intake. He did call her sweetheart though, so we'll let him off – aah!
After finding out that Charity had jumped into her shoes (that was a really mean trick), she struggled back to work. "I feel worse than I look … other way round," she corrected herself. (That was funny. Gennie's another one with good comic timing.)
I loved Nikhil trying to discreetly wipe his hand on 'Anti-Bac' wipes after Gennie kissed it, and there's nothing I love more than scenes between Charity and Chas, and we had plenty of those this week – as well as Megan's unexpected company on their night out.
"Will you stop telling the whole bar; I feel like a trannie on a first night out," Chas hissed, but despite Charity's best attempts at trying to get her to 'Cop off', Chas wasn't having any of it.
"What's up with you? Are you competing with Diane for 'Spinster of the Year' Award?" she exclaimed in exasperation (I'm on the short list for that), but by the next morning, assumed Chas had 'copped off' with Luke and rang her from the cafe with the instruction: "If you're on your lonesome and he's gone, I need you to pull your kecks up now and get over here." (Nice!)
She was way off the mark though, as Chas's thoughts were for a fella much closer to home.
The sexual tension between Cameron and Chas has been sizzling like bacon, and that scene in the back room of the Woolie was pri-t-tee rauchy for an early-evening Soap.
Cameron's very good at the snogging scenes, and is so good at 'heavy breathing' that if you heard him down the end of a phone on a dark night you'd soon be dialling 911. Either that, or he's catching Gennie's cold. Germs spread easily; just ask Nikhil.
This is a very interesting one though. Chas asked Cameron: "Is this what you do? Do you line up the next one before you dump the one you're with?"
She's got a good point (and is right to be racked/wracked with indecision), but he also makes a good point, in that if he's prepared for what he knows would lie ahead for them then he HAS to be serious. After all, would you choose to leave Cain and Charity's daughter for her Auntie?
You wouldn't want that pair as enemies if you lived in Australia (let-alone in the same village), so you'd have to be pretty in love to want to bring that on yourself, wouldn't you?
To me, the best storyline now would be for them to 'come out' (rather than be found out); be despised by everyone (except Andy!) for a while as they try to live and work together in the pub, then as Debbie grows closer to Andy once she has the baby and Sarah gets cured; they all make their peace with Cameron and Chas at the Christening (or Wedding!), and everyone lives happily ever after … well, for a while anyway! Will we get that? I hope so.
Chas deserves a man who loves her; sticks by her and treats her well, and I think Cameron should be that man. They're so good together, and it would be nice to see them get their skates on and maybe even have a baby of their own – maybe in about nine months, perhaps?
No Christenings on the horizon for Jimmy and Nicola now that he's had the snip. He won't be spreading germs (or anything else), about from now on. "Are you 100% sure? It's your body. You have to be 100% committed … even if that did mean I'd have to think seriously about our future," she asked him on the day.
No pressure there, then Jim, but just when you think they're about to live happily ever after (well, for a week or so – or until she finds out about his little 'deposit' at the sperm bank), what's all this with Bob? Something's up, and it's something to do with Jimmy. Ooh, I'm dying to read the 'spoilers', but I won't!
That Megan's a bit of a rascal, isn't she, and she finally succeeded in winding Katie up to a point where she resorted to everyone's favourite trick: chucking something at a wall. I don't expect it'll be long before Katie's able to get her own back though, as there's bound to be some ex of Megan's set to roll-up and wipe the smile off 'The Smile's' face (hopefully not for too long!).
There was a little bit of Appropriate/Inappropriate Music in the Background with Amy Winehouse's Between the Cheats playing as Cameron asked Charity about Chas and Luke, and not as many Grins of the Week as I'd like (again) this week – unfortunately!
Cameron (about Sarah): "There's always some atrocity as to who's sat next to who at breaktime."
Carl: "Still nine out of ten from the back."
Chas: "Aye?"
Carl: "Oh, don't turn round. It's terrible what gravity can do."
Nicola: "We're all busy, busy, busy."
Jai: "Just like Charity."
Nicola: "Find a new shoe shop or summat?"
Katie (to Megan): "Why have you been avoiding me all afternoon, cos you're usually harder to get rid of than fleas."
Charity (Gennie's on the phone – coughing and spluttering): "Is that why they call it 'cold' calling?
Katie (to Megan): "Ah, you're offering me a drink now? Did you make it with weed killer or something?"
Ashley: "Surprised to see you at the Easter Egg hunt. It's not as if you're a churchgoer."
Rachel: "I didn't know you were supposed to show your loyalty card."
Charity: "You are looking at the new Sales Manager of Sharma and Sharma."
Chas: "Oh. Do they know?"
PS2 I'd wondered last week if the Sandy-bashing was all over. It's not, and it's been even more heartbreaking this week …
PS You'd think Debbie would have taken Andy to the hospital or (at the very least), taken a moment to have rung/texted him about the baby, wouldn't you?
PS3 "Guh. Aah. Mmm. Eh. Sss … games," Sean sounded-out to Ali. Surely that's Guhaarhmehzz? I really don't get 'phonics' you know!
PS4 Sean was moaning about his 'Cut-price seconds' Easter Egg from the factory. It's only the packaging that was damaged; it's the same egg, lad.
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