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article imageOp-Ed: Things I will no longer write about, because they are not news

By Bill Schmalfeldt     Apr 15, 2012 in Politics
Every morning I scan the headlines looking for things to write about. And I've come to the conclusion that there are things that are not really deserving of your attention because they do not qualify as news.
There are some things that are silly but still qualify. For instance, the flash across the GOP blogosphere on Saturday that "Oh Noes! President Obama is paying his female staffers less than his male staffers! THERE'S your 'War on Women" wurrah wurrah wurrah!"
For one thing, it was nonsense. A quick scan of the numbers from 2011 and 2008 (the final year of President Bush's administration) showed that while there is a disparity in salary earned by men and women, when you break it down (like a smart person would do) into "getting paid the same for doing the same job) both Bush and Obama were relatively fair in that area. And even using the approach the right wing blogosphere did in their Rovian attempt to take their own weakness and project it onto Obama, the current president fares better than the previous one, as the pay inequity in the 2008 Bush White House was 60% for men and 40% for women, while it was 59% for men and 41% for women in the 2011 Obama White House.
GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney
GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney
Gage Skidmore
I think enough of us wrote about that yesterday to quash this particular bit of Conservative whimsy. But it needed to be done, lest it sit out there in the sun, getting stinkier and stinkier as the flies began to buzz around it. I think we were successful in scooping up that bit of excrement and depositing it into the trash can of Right Wing Disproved Lies.
But there are other stories that just don't merit a mention anymore because the players involved are no longer important.
Newt Gingrich telling the NRA that our right to bear arms comes not from the Constitution, but from God Himself. (I think he was quoting from the book of Winchester, chapter 30 verse 06.) Newt has less chance of becoming president than my border collie, Raven -- who, I submit, is smarter than Mr. Gingrich.
Anything Florida Congressman Alan West says. Who cares? The man is wrong in so many areas, forced to retire from the military after harsh treatment of a prisoner. Florida Congressman is as far as he is going to get.
Foster Friess. The American businessman who said he hopes Obama's teleprompters are bullet proof. This is the same idiot who said when he was a lad birth control was cheap. Just buy an aspirin and tell the girl to keep it between her knees. If we are going to waste your time with every stupid thing that every stupid conservative says between now and election day, you won't notice when the important stupid conservatives, like Mitt Romney, say importantly stupid things, like he's anti-gun control when he signed the most severe assault rifle restrictions ever in the state of Massachusetts while governor!
It's a promise. I'll only bother you with important nonsense.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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