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article imageGran, 73, arrested for supplying marijuana, drug ring in 4 states

By JohnThomas Didymus     Apr 15, 2012 in Crime
Oklahoma police say they arrested a 73-year-old granny after they found nearly $300,000 in cash and four pounds of marijuana in her home in rural Craig County. She ran a lucrative trade supplying marijuana to drug dealers in four states.
The police also found a semiautomatic pistol and a revolver in her home.
The police say Darlene Mayes directed a lucrative drug trade from her home. Vinita Police Chief Bobby Floyd, said the police had known about a drug ring operating in the state and had been investigating for five years but had no idea that Mayes was the kingpin. Huffington Post reports police say she supplied about 40 percent of marijuana circulating in an area covering parts of Tulsa, parts of Arkansas, kansas and Missouri. Floyd said: "We feel like it was coming in from all over. And we think this is a real good arrest."
Floyd said discovery that the 73-year-old granny directed the drug ring shocked the police. He said: "It was an extreme wow moment." He added: "She is in very good shape for her age." reports Floyd said: "From what we gathered, there were people running around selling for her. Nobody dealt directly with her."
The Daily reports Mayes was arrested on Monday in her ranch home in Craig County. Her son Jerry Dorsey, was also arrested. He was found in possession of almost a pound of marijuana, drug paraphernalia and $2,100 cash.
Huffington Post reports police said she stored the marijuana in her bedroom in a vacuum-sealed bag she kept in her closet. According to The Daily, the police said her bedroom stank of marijuana. Bundles of dollar bills labelled "$15,000" were found under her bed. The Daily reports Floyd said: “I raised the mattress up and there was money. Our intel didn’t say that she had cash, just product.”
Police found another bag of marijuana in her bathroom and a total of $200,00 in other vacuum-sealed bags in a guest room where her grandchildren slept.
According to The Daily Mail, the money was found partly by drug-sniffing dogs, and will be split between the local sheriff’s department, the police department, and the District Attorney’s office. The police say the money will be used to fight the drug trade.
Mayes had tried to convince officers that the money was part of her retirement fund. The Daily reports Mark Woodward, spokesman of the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics, said he hoped Mayes wouldn't get any sympathy because of her age. He said: "She knew exactly what she was doing and supplying and exactly who she’s profiting from."
She faces five criminal charges, including possession of marijuana, maintaining a premises where drugs were being kept and sold, and illegal possession of firearm.
She was once an employee of the Department of Human Services, and had no previous criminal history.
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