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article imageVideo: Meet Ksenia, the world's cutest cat from Russia

By JohnThomas Didymus     Apr 15, 2012 in Internet
The video shows Ksenia, an adorable Scottish Fold cat from Russia. Thousands of viewers on YouTube agree she is the world's cutest cat.
According to Daily Mail, ksenia first appeared on YouTube in December 2011 but only in the last few days has she caught attention of YouTube viewers. Now she is an Internet star.
But some viewers are expressing doubts that she is a real cat. She looks too good to be true many say. Daily Mail reports some skeptics say she is probably a "hi-tech animatronic toy." Others say she is a CGI technology trick.
Viewers do have good reasons to doubt Ksenia is a real cat. MSN Now comments: "The cat gets progressively weirder, until the camera zooms in on its face at the end, and it looks wired, stoned and like a doll, somehow all at once."
But believers are making offers to buy her. Someone actually offered 630 pounds.
In answer to those who say she is a "hi-tech animatronic toy," Ksenia runs around playfully on a chair. Has Russian technology gone so far in robotics?
Her fur is one of the striking things about her: charcoal black and flawless. The other is her smiling face, orange eyes and tongue hanging out like a panting dog's.
According to MSN Now, a YouTube comment expressed suspicion Ksenia may be on catnip: "Usually cats only pant when stressed, overheated, or stoned out of their minds on catnip. Given how perky those eyes were I'm going with catnip."
Other viewers charmed by Ksenia have compared her to Antonio Banderas' cat in the movie Puss in Boots..
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