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article imageReview: Montreal’s Bistro Duo D — A Foodie’s Paradise near Centre-Ville Special

By Raymond Samuels     Apr 12, 2012 in Food
Montreal - Bistro Duo D is a sophisticated but relaxed "foodie paradise" in Montreal's Griffintown. I am a part-time restaurant reviewer. Bistro Duo D. is one of my picks for Montréal's best restaurants.
I heard great things about Bistro Duo D. But, how often have you heard great things about a restaurant, only to be left wondering what all the hoopla was about when you finally got there? I am glad to report to my fellow foodies and gourmands out there that, Bistro Duo D lived up to its billing.
I decided to opt for an 8 pm reservation. After leaving my taxi cab ride, the first thing I noticed was the restaurant’s large inviting glass windows, on Notre Dame Ouest. When I entered Bistro Duo D, I also noticed a convivial restaurant abuzz, with a great open concept and immaculate kitchen.
I love an open concept kitchen. A restaurant which has an open concept kitchen indeed has got nothing to hide, if you know what I mean.
If you are big on service like I am, this Bistro will not disappoint. I found the service from Bistro Duo D, co-owner Madame Catherine Dubar, who works the front of the house, to have a very warm personal touch.
I have found that the warmth and buoyancy of servers is often reflected in the food. In contrast, servers who are sad or melancholy, often reflect a lack of passion behind the food, and an absence of pride in the establishment.
Bistro Duo D’s owner-chef-server team present an obvious passion, which made me optimistic about the food still-to-come.
I decided to order a soup à l’oignon (onion soup) appetizer from their inscribed short menu on the wall blackboard. I have had both fantastic and so-so onion soups. I found Duo D’s onion soup to be truly artisan in quality, and delicious. Their onion soup was indeed exquisite, and even better than a great onion soup that I had at the Château Laurier in Ottawa.
Bistro Duo D s soup à l oignon
Bistro Duo D's soup à l'oignon
Bistro Duo D.
Bistro Duo D’s onion soup was indeed not ritualized. I could tell that it was prepared with conscientious preparation by Chef and co-owner Philippe Déry.
I then waited in this Bistro’s spacious but warm large dining area with high ceilings, and impressive brick walls for my “main event“: the Steak Frites.
If you are seeking greasy oily fries which are served from the freezer, don’t come to Bistro Duo D. Their fries were obviously fresh cut, and were both tasty, and not greasy at all. The steak was also fantastic, and was both juicy and surprisingly layered in flavour from well-balanced seasoning.
Chef Déry cooks steak to perfection, no doubt.
I decided to go for the crème brûlée for dessert.
Bistro Duo D.‘s crème brûlée is definitely among the best, not only in Montreal, but anywhere. I thought the homemade-tasting short bread like cookie with their crème brûlée to be a delicious combination.
Crème brûlée at Bistro Duo D.
Crème brûlée at Bistro Duo D.
Bistro Duo D.
When I go to the Château Laurier, I like to make sure their chefs have crème brûlée on the menu. So, if you are a crème brûlée lover like myself, you will not be disappointed by the one which you get at Bistro Duo D.
So, come to Bistro Duo, and be both amazed and impressed, as were the couples and other patrons that I saw dining at this great Montreal bistro. There is definitely a great buzz at Bistro Duo D. But, be sure to make a reservation.
The district: Right next to the vibrant Griffintown
The address:
Duo. D Bistro, 1380 Notre-Dame O,
Phone: 514-657-7144
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