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article imageVideo of Argentina's 'miracle baby,' alive after 12 hrs in morgue

By JohnThomas Didymus     Apr 12, 2012 in Health
Buenos Aires - A video showing Argentina's "miracle baby" found alive in the morgue after doctors had pronounced her dead at birth has been posted online. Doctors are baffled at how Luz Milagros Veron, born premature, survived 12 hours in a morgue refrigerator.
The new CNN video shows Luz Milagros Veron, with a birth weight of 1 pound 12 ounces, in a stable condition at the intensive care unit of the Perrando de Resistencia hospital, while the mother, according to hospital staff, is "getting stronger by the minute."
The baby's father Fabian Veron, told CNN on Wednesday: "Today is the eighth day of my daughter's resurrection."
According to Digital Journal, doctors had issued Luz's parents with a death certificate and placed the body in a morgue refrigerator. But the mother Analia Boutet, insisted she wanted to see their baby's body. According to Daily Mail, she said she wanted to snap a picture on her cellphone.
The Washington Post reports Analia's husband, Fabian, describing the incident to a local TV station, Todo Noticias television, said about 12 hours after the baby had died, "They put the coffin on top of a stretcher and we looked for a little crowbar to open it because it was nailed shut. I put the crowbar in there and started prying. I took a breath and took the lid off."
Veron told CNN, that Analia touched the baby's hand and the baby cried in response. Analia said: "It's my imagination, it's my imagination." She told CNN: "My baby was born at 10.24am and at 11.05am was already in the drawer. She spent 12 hours in the freezing cold of that morgue. I saw for myself the ice on her body."
According to Daily Mail, Veron's brother-in-law took the half-frozen baby and raced to the ward. CNN reports he said the baby felt like an ice-cold bottle against his body. He said: "I can't explain what happened. Only that God has performed a miracle."
Medical staff at the hospital were astonished.
The couple had planned to call the child Lucia, but after what happened they called her Luz Milagros, Spanish for "light and miracles."
Analia, who went into early labor on April 3, narrated the circumstances of her baby's birth: "At first the doctors said that she was born dead, then said she had died shortly after birth because she was too small to survive. I don't know who is to blame, and I'm not thinking about it at this moment. The joy of knowing she's alive is covering every other feeling. I'm a Christian, and I believe this was a miracle of God."
Although the Perrando de Resistencia hospital has suspended medical staff involved in the birth, Jose Luis Meirino, the hospital's director, said: "At the moment we have no explanation. The baby was attended to by obstetricians, gynecologists and a neonatologist. They all reached the same conclusion, that this girl was stillborn."
He speculated the baby might have gone into some sort of hibernation due to hypothermia, causing life signs to vanish.
But Rafael Sabatinelli, health secretary of Argentina's Chaco province, said the incident was "disgraceful" and that full investigation would be conducted. He said: "Every member of the team that was involved has some responsibility, so they will have to answer for this."
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