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article imageOp-Ed: Knicks-Bucks preview: Who wants the 8th seed?

By Layne Weiss     Apr 11, 2012 in Sports
Milwaukee - The Milwaukee Bucks will face the New York Knicks Wednesday for a chance to steal the 8th and final spot in the NBA Eastern Conference Playoffs.
The Bucks are just one game behind the 8th seeded Knicks and 2 behind the 7th seeded Sixers.
They were on a 4-game winning streak until losing to the Oklahoma City Thunder Monday night, Fox News reports.
"You're not going going to play uphill against the Thunder and steal too many games," said Bucks coach Scott Skiles.
The Knicks, who are coming off a 98-86 loss from Tuesday's game against a Derrick Rose-less Bulls, will play a better rested Bucks team in Milwaukee.
Hard to believe that a team who has had major victories against top seeded Eastern Conference teams like the Orlando Magic and the Chicago Bulls would have to fight so hard to keep their 8th playoff spot, Alex Raskin of says.
The Knicks and Bucks are 6-4 in their last 10 games, but their last match against one another saw the Knicks beat Milwaukee by 9.
If the Bucks win Wednesday, they will be tied with the Knicks, but they would win the tie breaker because they would have a better head to head record .
There's been a lot of talk about a Bulls/Knicks series or a Heat/Knicks series? But what about Bulls/Bucks? Or Heat/Bucks?
It's funny because even with a pretty impressive lineup which includes Carlos Delfino, Monta Ellis, Drew Gooden, and Brandon Jennings, the Bucks seem to have been all but forgotten this season.
Sure, with the return of Melo, resignation of Mike D'Antoni, and that whole Linsanity thing, I guess it makes sense that the focus is on the Knicks, but the Bucks know how important it is to get a win tonight.
After Wednesday's game, the Knicks will return to New York for 3 games against Miami, Washington, and Boston.
The Knicks have lost 2 out of their last 3 games against the Bucks this season, 12 out of 15 games overall, Fox News reports.
Reflecting on Wednesday's game, New York's Carmelo Anthony said, "It's a must win. It's probably one of the biggest games of the season for us. We've got to be ready."
Melo was very impressive in Sunday's win against the Bulls which featured the return of Derrick Rose, who was sidelined once again for Tuesday's Knicks/Bulls rematch.
Milwaukee Bucks' coach Scott Skiles says his team won't let Monday's crushing 109-89 loss against the Thunder crush their spirit.
He says his team needs to play with energy, and understand the magnitude of this game.
Both teams are coming off tough losses. Both have something to prove, and both desperately want that 8th and final playoff berth, but who wants it more?
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