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article imageReview: 'Operation Raccoon City' DLC adds more insult to injury Special

By Stan Rezaee     Apr 11, 2012 in Technology
Last month, Slant Six Games and Capcom insulted gamers with 'Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City,' a failed attempt to retell one of the most iconic video games from a different perspective. Now they have added insult to injury with the 'Spec-Ops' DLC.
The previews stated that Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City would focus on the actions of U.S.S. Delta Team (nicknamed "Wolfpack") and US Special Operations during the Raccoon City Incident. Delta Team was tasked with destroying evidence linking Umbrella to the catastrophe while Spec Ops had to rescue survivors and uncover Umbrella's misdeeds.
However, upon the game's March release, gamers got only to experience the Raccoon City Incident from U.S.S. Delta Team point of view. So what happen to the Spec-Ops story as promised? It got bumped down into a series of DLC's.
The first DLC was released on April 10 as a free download with six additional missions available for purchase in the future. So basically Slant Six is trying milk nickels and dimes from the few gamers who actually enjoyed Operation Raccoon City.
Thanks to sweet karma, this scam will backfire since the only redeeming aspect of the game was multiplayer, which already allows gamers to play as part of Spec-Ops. Worse is that the DLC has failed to fixed the problems regarding the dumb AI and glitchy action that plague the game.
Overall Spec-Ops DLC is nothing more than a failed gimmick to get gamers to purchase an unneeded side story. While Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City failed to give gamers a new take on the Raccoon City Incident, this DLC just adds insult to injury.
Hopefully they don't pull this stunt with Resident Evil 6.
Final Score: 1/5
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