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article imageVideo: Golden retriever mother saves puppy from drowning

By JohnThomas Didymus     Apr 10, 2012 in Internet
A camera caught the moment a golden retriever mother jumped to rescue her puppy from drowning in a backyard swimming pool. The puppy had apparently been thrown into the water and it was unable to help itself out.
The mother comes to her puppy's rescue without hesitation. She dives into the water and swims to her puppy. She pushes the puppy to the edge of the water with her snout. Then she climbs out and helps the pup out by grabbing it by the scruff. She drags the puppy around the ground for some seconds, to a patch of grass, before letting her go, like a mother scolding her child for getting into trouble.
Daily Mail reports viewers praised the "lifeguard mom," but many had harsh words for the dogs' owners, accusing them of animal abuse. Some also found fault in the cameraman for not coming to the aid of the puppy. An angry viewer said: "Disgusting owner trying to get their 15 min. of fame by endangering poor, helpless animals."
A comment on Sun Sentinel said: "It is obvious that this puppy was thrown into the pool. You can see the splash, where it was thrown from the edge of the pool to the middle. The owners of these dogs should be prosecuted for animal abuse and they should never be allowed to own animals again. Shame on them for filming this and shame on the Sun Sentinel for portraying this as 'heartwarming.' Animal abuse is heartbreaking!"
But a viewer on YouTube defended the owners, saying: "This is how we trained our K-9 German Shepherds to swim and rescue. We would toss them into the pool or ocean and let them figure it out. Dogs are tough and they can handle a little water now and then."
The video was posted to YouTube on April 4 and has scored more than 200,000 hits.
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