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Greek neo-Nazi party Chrysi Avyi gains support before elections

By Katerina Nikolas     Apr 9, 2012 in Politics
Greek neo-Nazi group Chryssi Avghi (Golden Dawn) is attracting supporters, as support for the leading political parties wanes prior to the May elections. One government minister has warned there is a chance of Chyrssi Avghi entering Parliament.
The far-right group which has a reputation for violence may well exceed the three percent mark necessary to obtain entry to Parliament. B92 reported Greek Culture Minister Pavlos Geroulanos has warned the prospect is a real one as the group attracts support lost by the mainstream parties whose incompetence and corruption has left a sour taste with voters. Geroulanos spoke of the prospect of neo-Nazis in parliament, saying "Do we want to see pictures of a parliament with deputies being sworn in with the Hitler salute. . . . If we don't wake up early enough . . . there will be major damage."
Chryssi Avghi gained greater publicity when its leader, Nicolas Mihaloliakos, was elected to Athen's town council. The groups anti-immigration message gains ground against a government failure to deal with illegal immigration which has seen crime soar to an unprecedented level in Athens. According to Balkan Insight "foreigners", who account for 10 percent of the population, "were responsible for about 65% of crimes committed in the country in 2010- an increase of about 50% from the previous year."
Furthermore the numbers of Muslim extremists entering Greece illegally has increased dramatically, whilst illegal trade by illegal immigrants costs the Greek economy massively and impacts on legitimate businesses which are subject to rising taxes which illegal operations avoid.
Against this backdrop Newint reports Chryssi Avghi is "Opening up its rhetoric, from anti-migrant hate speech to anti-austerity formulations" to appeal to voters. Furthermore it is offering free gym memberships to those who sign up to attend its meetings. Newint further reported that the neo-Nazi's have support from New Democracy, the front runner in the elections, which have been "printing Golden Dawn’s leaflets, in an effort to reduce the influence of the far-right populist party LAOS."
Xenophobic attacks against immigrants have been growing in pace with the rise in illegal immigration which the current government has manifestly failed to address, as it only now addresses the chronic health problems which illegals are introducing to the country and begins work on the much hyped fence on the Turkish border. It should come as no suprise if Chryssi Avghi attains political legitimacy in the forthcoming elections as the current crop of politicians cannot count on electoral support.
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