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article imageReview: UK soap Coronation Steet — Frank's gone, but who's 'Pure' evil?

By Jane Reynolds     Apr 9, 2012 in Entertainment
Who's pushing buttons and who's been pushed too far?Welcome to a review of the most recent episodes of Coronation Street, the popular British soap opera.
(For episodes broadcast 2nd-6th April 2012)
*Warning: May Contain Spoilers*
Just when you think you've got rid of one psycho, along comes another one to replace them. Step up 'Curse-ty' as Frank's far more scary successor. She was wearing a jumper with the word 'Pure' on it on Friday. I'll bet if she turned round it would have had 'Evil' written on the back!
She really is a nasty piece of work. I said from her first ever scene that there was something 'funny' about her, and her bullying of Tyrone took a much darker turn this week. She certainly knows how to hurt him. Throwing his steak and chips on the floor: that's really not on, but he still can't/won't see what she's like.
The best part of this (for me), is that she'll be leaving at some point now (in the back of a Police car after attacking Tyrone one time too many, hopefully), as she fair gives me the creeps. I see she's up for 'Best Newcomer' at the Soap Awards. 'Best Villain' would have been better, as she's right up there!
If there was a ]'Most Improved Performance' Award, it should go to Stella. I was very unhappy about her rubbish accent when she first arrived, but she's worked hard; nailed it, and was utterly believable this week. It was like Cindy Beale's long-lost sister had showed up, and her scenes (as she discovered Karl's deception), were fantastic, and SO believable. I absolutely loved it; well done, that woman.
Much as I like Karl's acting, I hope she doesn't take him back. That would be a great storyline: for Stella to run the pub on her own (with Leanne's help), and to get herself a decent fella at some point.
I'm REALLY confused by what Sunita said to him though: "You need me, and I promise I'll never let you down."
That's a bit of a weird thing for someone to say (a bit scary, actually), and seems a bit out of character for Sunita. I doubt she can save a compulsive gambler like him, but I'm really looking forward to them having an affair and for Dev to find out.
Well done, too, to Lesley, Fireman Paul and Eileen. The moment when Lesley said sweetly, "Bye. They were nice. Who were they?" to the carer as they said their goodbyes was heartbreaking, and I'm filling-up as I write this – remembering FP's face as he heard the words.
Corrie's on real good form at the moment. I'd just have liked a bit more humour this week, but that's just me; I like a good chuckle!
As time goes on, I struggle more and more to see what Peter's charm is. Ok, he dresses in black a lot (which is bound to appeal to Carla), but other than that, what's the attraction? He's an alcoholic; is always lurking around in the street smoking (then chucking his dog ends onto the pavement), and lives in a grotty little flat – and that's just for starters.
He's also nowt more than a big kid himself – which he proved at the mediation session. Leanne (quite calmly), pointed out to the counsellor, "Yes, he might love him, but that doesn't mean he's the best person to look after him," and what did he do? Usual thing: give her a mouthful of abuse and then storm out. Very mature Peter.
The laughable bit was how he complained to Carla: "SHE set a trap, because SHE knew if she pushed my buttons that I'd kick off and walk out." No Peter. You pushed your own buttons, then kicked-off and walked out …
Tina gets a Bad Drinking from a Mug Award for twice forgetting to take a swig or swallow from her empty mug in the Rovers, but I'll let her off because she's finally got it together with Tommy – aah!
Lots of drama, so it's a mini Grins of the Week unfortunately:
Tracy: "There was some shouting – about half an hour ago."
Eileen: "What sort of shouting?"
Tracy: "Oh, you know. The mad, psycho kind."
Tracy (to FP and Eileen): "No need to sneak around, now that Lesley Gaga's been locked up."
Steve: "Who picked you up?"
Sophie: "Karl."
Steve: "Can't have been."
Sophie: "Well, unless he's got a double that's also called Karl, then it's definitely him."
Tyrone (trying to break the stony silence): "Do you fancy a game of darts?"
Tommy: No, I'm having too good a time chatting (!)"
Tyrone (naively): "Are you?"
Tracy (to Beth): "Ah, bless you. You've finally found your vocation: guard dog."
Sylvia: "What is the logic in offering a customer a fresh, hot drink in order to provoke him into leaving? You use logic as a weapon, Roy. It is not clever." (does roy say anything?)
PS If Karl was comparing the two women in his life by the size of their earrings, I think Sunita's just had the edge, don't you?
PS2 Faye was moaning about not getting an Easter egg on Good Friday. It's Sunday when you give eggs, isn't it?
PS3 We were worried it was going to be a Carla-free week again (plunging half the country into a state of depression), but luckily we got to see her after all. I couldn't work out what looked different on Friday though until I realised … she wasn't all in black, and had a peach-coloured top on! (I didn't think that particular shade suited her though, to be honest.)
Didn't you just love her line when Peter asked her how Simon had been: "He was such a little angel (!)"
Brilliant line, perfectly delivered!
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