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article imageSyrian regime wants guarantee in writing from opposition

By Paul Iddon     Apr 8, 2012 in Politics
The government in Damascus has called for "written guarantees" to be given by the opposition forces before it withdraws troops from flash-point's across the country.
The Syrian government has stated that the UN Arab League appointed peace envoy Kofi Annan had yet to be given written guarantees from what it refers to as the "armed terrorist groups" urging them to given written assurances that they will "stop violence in all its forms."
The Syrian government has stated that the UN Arab League appointed peace envoy Kofi Annan had yet to be given written guarantees from the "armed terrorist groups to stop violence in all its forms." The Free Syrian Army commander Colonel Riad al-Asaad has stated that his forces would discontinue its fighting if "the regime withdraws from the cities and returns to its original barracks," BBC News, Daily Times, ABC News and CBS News reported respectively.
Asaad also asserted that his group weren't going to issue such guarantees as they did not recognize the authority of the al-Assad government, however he has stated his group will cooperate and abide by the peace plan Mr. Annan has drawn up if the government in Damascus would also do so.
This weekend (Friday 6th and Saturday the 7th of April) has seen an escalation in the bloodshed that has seen up to 160 people killed (more than half of which were civilians).
Already a reported 11 people have lost their lives so far today (April 8th).
Annan's peace plan is set to take effect by April 10th with full cooperation of both sides of the conflict which will see the implementation of a ceasefire by April 12th.
Syria's foreign minister said in a statement that the international community was "mistaken" if it believes that the Syrian government would withdraw its forces from the present flash-point's by the 10th of April further elaborating that quote:
"Kofi Annan has until now not furnished to the Syrian government written guarantees about the acceptance of the armed terrorist groups to stop violence in all its forms, and their readiness to surrender their weapons so that state authority can spread on all territory."
The Syrian regime has also demanded the issuing of "guarantees of commitment by the governments of Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey to stop financing the armed terrorist groups."
The Syrian National Council had quite a different take on the entire situation and has issued a statement in which it has urges quote:
"The UN Security Council to intervene urgently to stop the humanitarian crisis caused by the regime against the unarmed Syrian people, by adopting a resolution under Chapter 7 to ensure the protection of civilians."
It further added that:
"to believe in the promises of this barbaric regime enables it is to advance its criminal plan of tearing Syria apart and bathing it in blood."
"The regime has committed savage massacres that killed nearly 1,000 people since it falsely announced the acceptance of the
(Annan six point peace) plan."
Ban ki-moon the present Secretary of the UN yesterday stated he held the Syrian regime "fully accountable for grave violations of human rights and international humanitarian law," which are currently underway in Syria.
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