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article imageLebanon Explosion and Assassination Attempt

By Eliot Elwar     Apr 8, 2012 in World
In early April 2012, corruption and violence continues in Lebanon. An explosion occurred in Aarsal, Berri criticizes the Cabinet, Moussa calls for investigation into Maarab Incident, and Sehnaoui responsible for protecting assassins.
According to NOW Lebanon, the National News Agency reported on Thursday, 5 April, that dynamite detonated in front of a shop in the Bekaa city of Aarsal. While the store’s exhibition was damaged, no human fatalities were confirmed.
According to Naharnet, Speaker Nabih Berri disapproved of the cabinet’s sluggish work, stating this was the motive for his determination to plan an administrative assembly to evaluate the effort. He portrayed the cabinet’s performance as a “turtle” and emphasized the significance of improving its effort everywhere necessary.
According to NOW Lebanon, after snipers targeted Geagea outside his Maarab residence in the district of Kesrouan, but failed to shoot him, Development and Liberation bloc MP Michel Moussa denounced the effort to eliminate Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea and stressed “the necessity to hasten investigation and punish the culprits.”
Furthermore, in an interview with the Voice of Lebanon radio program, Moussa stated that “no one wants the security situation in Lebanon to deteriorate.” Moussa rebuffed any effort to justify the assassination of any Lebanese leader because of their political beliefs.
Finally, according to Naharnet, the March 14-led opposition held by Telecommunications Minister Nicolas Sehnaoui and the persons who backed him were guilty of precluding the security forces and legal authorities from procurement of the telecom data in their investigation into assassination efforts directed at persons of interest.
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