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article imageReview: More madness ahead in Britain's leading soaps

By Alexander Baron     Apr 8, 2012 in Entertainment
What would the average housewife do if she had loaned her boss three hundred pounds after he'd spun her a sob story then watched him blow it in the bookies? Take him to bed, naturally.
(Note: This article contains spoilers for those who haven't yet seen these soaps).
If that opening sentence sounds unreal, bear in mind that some women have been known to marry serial killers. Need we mention Carole Ann Boone and Ted Bundy? Last week in Coronation Street, the husband of the manageress of the local watering hole finally came down to earth with a bump. Well, more of a crash, actually. First he was caught ripping off his taxi firm, then he staged a robbery at the pub, then he had a visit from a bailiff. Unfortunately, when the court official arrived, he was nowhere to be seen, so his wife was left reeling. And when she uncovered the full nature of his deception, he was thrown out unceremoniously and sitting morosely on a bench in the street where the lovely - more humanity that brains - Sunita found him and took him home, allowing him to kip on her sofa. According to the Digital Spy website though, it won't be long before she invites him into the bedroom. And where is her husband while all this is happening? On holiday with their kids, where else?
Actually, after taking Sunita's money, Karl didn't quite lose it all in the bookies, he claimed he broke even, but the bookmaker has a few problems of his own at the moment, with his feisty estranged wife, but his mistress, Carla, has just received a proposition of a different kind, airhead ever aspiring housewife Sally Webster wants to buy into her knicker factory. Carla can't quite believe this, especially after the way Sally treated her when she was raped by the now deceased Frank Foster.
Over in EastEnders, there is madness of a different kind afoot, while Sunita is risking what is left of her marriage by bedding a compulsive gambler who has yet to reach his rock bottom, the landlord of Albert Square's watering hole has ripped off plastic gangster Derek Branning for a tidy sum. That must be good for a broken arm if not a cement overcoat, but Derek's suspicions are on the Square's resident gangster, Phil Mitchell, who at the moment is preoccupied with his 16 year old son. It's bad enough this kid likes dancing, baking cupcakes for the local plod and kissing other boys, but he has also whacked one of the local launderette ladies with a picture frame, which resulted in her dropping dead. Phil has covered up the crime, but may end up wishing he hadn't, especially if his lady friend - well, woman friend - Shirley, twigs that it wasn't Heather's future husband who killed her best friend but the little worm who has already tried to frame his own dear old Dad for a murder that never happened.
What is happening in Emmerdale? Apart from a spot of arson with intent to kill, a false confession to same without the intent, and the local vicar suspected of abusing his cantankerous old father, not a lot, but it is only a small village, well, hamlet really, and it has already had more than its fair share of murders, frame ups and nookie between a car mechanic and a farmer's wife. Not bad for a programme that like the other two screens before the watershed.
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