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article imageMonsanto threatening to sue the state of Vermont on labeling GMOs

By Anne Sewell     Apr 7, 2012 in Food
Vermont, U.S.A. wants to regulate labeling of foods which contain GMO products, but Monsanto has threatened to sue the entire state if they do so. Includes an informative video on the tactics of Monsanto.
Digital Journal recently reported on the "Label it Yourself" campaign, launched by critics of Monsanto's genetically modified food. The activists say that foods should be labeled to warn buyers of the possible health-damaging qualities of this food.
Now lawmakers in the state of Vermont are planning to regulate food labeling, so that consumers will know which products are made from the genetically modified crops.
The bill has been named H-722, "VT Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act".
Should this bill pass the State Senate and the House, manufacturers will be required to label the products, whether said products are partially or fully produced from a GMO.
These products have became a trademark of the Monsanto corporation, who have taken over a large percentage of the seed market in the U.S. Controversy continues as to the health risks and danger to the eco-system from these genetically modified crops.
However, Monsanto, the biotech giant of seed production said that should this bill pass, the corporation will sue the entire state of Vermont. The corporation is angry that it should be unable to label their products as "naturally made" or "naturally grown", which of course they are most certainly not.
Now Vermont legislators, in fear of a lawsuit from the billion dollar corporation, have put a hold on the voting regarding this new bill. Judging from previous lawsuits from the giant, who have unlimited resources to utilize in a court case, Monsanto is most likely to win the suit.
Vermont right to know what is in food.
Vermont right to know what is in food.
VT Right to Know
For those living in Vermont, a public hearing will be held on April 12th from 6:30-8:30 at the State House for Vermonters to voice their opinions on H-722.
In 1994, Vermont tried to stop dairy corporations from marketing milk from cows injected with the Bovine Growth Hormone. They cited examples where the rBGH had been tied to various cases of cancer. In that battle, Monsanto came out tops.
Monsanto is notorious for its many lawsuits against farmers for "infringing" its patents when GMO seeds are accidentally introduced on to the farmers' lands by pollenation or wind-carried seed. Many farmers have lost the battle against the agriculture giant and also lost their farms.
Earlier this year, the Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association tried to launch a suit against Monsanto on behalf of thousands of small farmers, for contamination of their lands, but the District Court judge would not allow this suit to continue. The group has since filed an appeal, and are hoping that they might have more success in the future.
One Canadian farmer did stand against Monsanto some years ago and while he didn't actually win the court case, he also didn't lose his lands or have to pay thousands of dollars to Monsanto. A video telling the story of Percy Schmeiser and his battle against the giant can be viewed at the bottom of this article.
The video is extremely informative and Percy Schmeiser has been travelling the world to advise farmers of the dangers of using Monsanto products. Anyone who would like to know more about the tactics of Monsanto should definitely spare an hour to view this video.
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