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article imageEgypt's former Vice President opts to run for President

By Paul Iddon     Apr 6, 2012 in Politics
Cairo - Omar Suleiman the former vice president of Egypt has stated he intends to run in the presidential elections that are to take place next month.
The former Egyptian president had previously opted out of the race but following a demand by demonstrators he has subsequently changed his mind reports BBC News, Yahoo! UK and Ireland and Reuters India among others.
Mr. Suleiman had previously served under Hosni Mubarak as his vice president before Mubarak was ousted last year following a large democratic uprising that broke out across Egypt early on in the Middle Eastern and North African uprisings that begun in Tunisia in December of 2010.
Mr. Suleiman is 74 and had previously served under Mubarak as his head of military intelligence and General Intelligence Service. He became vice president in January of 2011 in the midst of the popular uprising that saw Mubarak being forced to capitulate at the behest of his own people. Before stepping down Mubarak had attempted to give his power to Suleiman.
Suleiman for these reasons had previously decided not to run, however popular demand has onvinced him that he can run, he has stated that if he can get 30,000 supporters to register by tomorrow (Saturday 7th of April 2012) he will run.
His statement regarding this apparent surge in support and the calls being made for him to run is as quoted:
"The call you have directed is an order and I a ma soldier who has never disobeyed an order. Your call and your faith in my ability is an honour."
His supporters have staged a rally in Cairo where among other things banners have reflected their motives for supporting him, stating among other things that they "don't want the Islamists." This evidently shows that he could garner a lot of support from the army and Egyptians fearful of the rise of radical Islamism in the form of the Muslim Brotherhood.
This comes after the Muslim Brotherhood put forth Khairat al-Shater following its previous assertion that it would not contest in the presidential elections.
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