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article imageCroatian woman makes made-to-order 'penis warmers' for men

By JohnThomas Didymus     Apr 5, 2012 in Odd News
A Croatian woman is into the business of producing custom-made penis warmers for men. Her thriving business revives a centuries-old Croatian custom of providing hand-knitted woolen warmers for different parts of the body, including the penis.
55-year-old Radmilla Kus, a professional seamstress, started her business making slippers for tourists. But gradually, her penis warmers became far more popular and now she dedicates her time to providing for the special warming needs of her male customers. She explains: "I used to make slippers for tourists but these willy warmers are so popular I just can't keep up. I guess people can put up with cold feet as long as everything else is warm."
According to Kus, because she receives so many orders that she just can't keep up, she has had to hire a team of knitters trained to produce warmers made to order.
The custom of fitting men with penis warmers called "Nakurnjak" arose from the fact that winters could be so severe in Croatia's mountains that men in times past often suffered frost-bite to their penis, especially during long horse rides.
Penis warmers are most popular in the Mrkopalj mountain region of Croatia. Wives typically knit warmers for their husbands. Radmilla said: “Local men here wore these for centuries. In those days the clothing was not so good and people weren't rich enough to keep warm. Frostbite was a real problem and to avoid permanent damage these warmers came into use. Wives believed that keeping their man's private parts warm allowed him to remain fertile and increased their chance of having children."
Due to the fact that the warmers are made to order, the measurement of each customer must be taken. Radmilla explains that if the man is "shy" he may take the measurement by himself. She explains that her male customers too often want to give a good impression and order XXL, and only a few order M (medium). She said: “Everyone wants XXL, although M would be sufficient. Such is the male ego.”
And of course, Radmilla is happy that she has successfully revived a centuries-old Croatian tradition and that she is making profits from it. She has been invited to speak about her products in the U.S. She plans to present President Obama with a special gift of a penis warmer made to order.
My News Hub anticipates she may have trouble convincing the Secret Service to divulge such classified information.Oddity Central advises that if she has any difficulty getting the president's measurement, she should play safe and make an XXXXXXL for the president. Such is the ego of American presidents!
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