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article imageHow SMBs can leverage Dell’s 12th generation server technology to become market leaders (Sponsored)

By Dell SMB     Apr 9, 2012 in Business
You’ve got a business and want to grow. You need to scale your company to a competitive position where you can save time and leverage resources while also leading the pack in your market. You hire people, you grow and do more with less.
This post is brought to you by Dell Canada. For more information on sponsored posts, please refer to this page.
So as you invest to grow your business, are you investing in your technology as much as your sales force? Have you measured how new technology can deliver real financial and operational advantages? Are you optimizing your hardware to boost productivity and lighten your workload?
Every small- and medium-sized business (SMB) faces similar challenges, but today’s technology can deliver a business advantage that hasn’t before been possible. In today’s fast-paced, quickly-evolving marketplace you need solutions, not just technology. We’ve heard you loud and clear, and with the launch of Dell’s new twelfth generation of server solutions, we’re bringing something to the table that will solve your real-world problems.
Over the last two years, we have interviewed 7,700 people like you who work in everything from a large corporate environment to a small entrepreneurial-minded business to find out what you struggle with, and where we can provide value as a business partner. It wasn’t a sales call, but instead a deep dive into many different businesses to figure out where SMBs struggle most. We are passionate about enabling customers to be successful in their business, so we believe listening to them is the most important step towards helping you solve your problems and to enable future business success.
As we worked through our interviews with business leaders and SMBs, it quickly became obvious that there were three common pain points among businesses of every size:
1) SMBs are struggling with the rate of change in technology
2) SMBs are struggling with budget limitations
3) SMBs are looking for simplicity
Those problems exist in virtually every business, and with the introduction of Dell’s new server solutions we are making sure we deliver on each of these areas to provide solutions – and not just technology – to reduce this pain.
On the technology side, Dell’s new generation of server solutions leverage Intel’s Sandy Bridge technology so the wide array of new servers include the powerful E5 processor product family and iDrac 7 with Lifecycle Controller 2.0. That enables you to manage deployment, updating, monitoring and maintenance of your server lifecycle simply.
Dell has introduced agent free management, select network adapters, multiple GPU configuration options and front access express flash PCIe SSD’s. Collectively, these enhancements make sure your business blazes at incredible speeds – Oracle database application response time’s increase by 86% and improved density allows for 300% more Virtual Machines per rack. The new T620 Dell Tower server can be populated with 32 hard disks for maximum storage capacity.
So what does all that mean for your business? Whether you’re the head of IT looking for technical solutions to drive change and maximize efficiency, or the CEO who just needs a solution to work, our 12th generation of servers solve real-world business needs such as:
• Accomplishing more: You can increase utilization and improve resource management.
• Improving operational efficiency: You can automate day-to-day functions, gain speed, deploy faster with less time spent on managing and cut down on repetitive manual IT tasks.
• Ensuring business continuity: Your data is your business, and so it should always be available, secure and protected.
A smart server solutions package will give your company time back in meaningful ways so you can move your business ahead rather than focusing on keeping your infrastructure alive. By upgrading your IT back-end, you are leveraging technology to boost company performance and cut down on painstaking repetitive processes.
We recognize you need a technology business partner who can adapt to your needs – not the other way around. What kind of transactions does your company do and how often do they occur? Where do you want your company to go in the next 3 years? What about the next 5 years? What portion of your budget is allocated to IT solutions and are you spending it as efficiently as you could be?
These are solutions that Dell’s 12th generation of servers delivers on. It’s not just a box with hardware inside. We have built our 12th generation technology to immediately deliver value to your business and help you solve problems. You don’t want your CTO or IT manager spending their time managing the technology when they could be managing the business. Our expertise plays a critical role in reducing complexities and enabling you, your CTO or your IT manager to optimize and automate.
Remember those three points that all businesses have asked us to solve – the rate of change in technology, budget limitations and a cry for simplicity? Our 12th generation of server solutions delivers on each:
1) Today’s technology has been built with tomorrow in mind. Whether you’re investing in an upgrade or setting up a new business, Dell’s 12th generation server solutions can expand with your growing business. Upgrade hardware on the fly, make changes and ensure you are protected against downtime. Technology may be changing quickly, but your business doesn’t have to stress out about keeping up with that rate of change if you know how and where to invest in the technology.
2) Budget limitations are a reality of every business today. Our 12th generation servers provide an affordable solution that aligns with your business. Our consultative approach allows us to analyze your business needs and help find ways to help you lower cost without sacrificing efficiency or performance.
3) Keep it simple. Whether it’s the technology, the approach to solving a technical problem or a desire to innovate and build a proactive environment, Dell’s 12th generation server solutions are designed simply from the ground-up to just work. You can customize them for your business and as your technology business partner; we can help keep things simple and aligned to your business goals.
Any true business solution consists of many parts with hardware, software and services often serving as key components. At Dell, we are ready to listen and act according to your small and medium business needs and your specific circumstances.
If you run an SMB and you want help, you’re not alone and often times we’ve already helped a customer just like you who needs quick and affordable solutions. We can draw on that expertise to save you and your business time and money.
With an end-to-end IT solution your business can streamline essential systems management tasks, coordinate IT goals to support strategic business plans, and give you the flexibility to focus on your core tasks in order to boost your business productivity. We want to power your innovation, that’s a Dell’s solution promise.
This post is brought to you by Dell Canada. For more information on sponsored posts, please refer to this page.
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