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article imageGay French man marries partner in Muslim religious ceremony

By Katerina Nikolas     Apr 4, 2012 in Lifestyle
Paris - Gay marriage isn't legal in France or recognized in the Muslim community, but two Muslim men have made headlines by having their wedding blessed by an Imam in a ceremony in Paris.
Ludovic Mohamed Zahed, an Algerian-born French Muslim, married his partner, South African Muslim Qiyam Al Din, in South Africa, where gay marriage is legal. Returning to France the couple then celebrated their wedding in February 2012 with the blessing of a Mauritian Imam. Zahed told France 24 "I am sure that if the Prophet Muhammad was still alive, he would marry gay couples."
Zahed, a doctoral student at the School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences, Paris, and author of "The Koran and the Flesh" says he was married according to Islamic Shariah, according to Albawaba."
Speaking to The Local Zahed said that his research has led him to the conclusion that homosexuality and Islam are compatible. He says "There is nothing about homosexuality that 'goes against nature' according to one interpretation of Islam. Quite the opposite." Zahed said that the Prophet Muhammad "was a believer in social justice and a revolutionary, like all prophets. Giving the same rights to homosexuals and opening marriage to everyone is a part of social justice."
Nevertheless Zahed rules out traveling to any Muslim or Arab country in fear of torture. The couple have already been targeted by hate mail and animosity from the Muslim community, yet Zahed maintains "for centuries, Muslims did not consider homosexuality to be the supreme abomination that they do today."
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