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article imageBarbecuing bunnies is cool, says German Green politician

By Katerina Nikolas     Apr 4, 2012 in Internet
Munich - In 2010 the brutal killiing and barbecuing of two bunnies in a day care center for rabbits rocked Germany. Now an aspiring Green Party candidate for the 2014 Mayor of Munich has reawakened the trauma by describing it as a "cool operation."
N.W. News reported that the two bunnies, Lieselotte and Hoppel, were deliberately targeted as a feast by drug addicts who prepared for their crime by taking along bags of potatoes, peppers and a long butcher's knife.
The bunny killers, sated with rabbit, alcohol and drugs, fell asleep at the scene of the crime which was described as a field of dried up blood as police arrived. Educator Marseela Broadnax said "We are shocked by such brutality and such vandalism." Children were shielded from the brutal truth regarding the fate of Lieselotte and Hoppel, and were told the rabbits had run away.
According to Der Spiegel the bunny barbecuing incident has "percolated around the Internet ever since." Enter aspiring Mayoral candidate Nikolaus Hoenning who came across the tale on a friend's Facebook page. Apparently forgetting his green credentials he clicked the 'Like' button and left a comment that said "Coole Aktion," which means "Cool operation."
His comment has not only landed him in hot water but developed into "Hoenning's Bunny Scandal." Green Party colleagues and animal rights activists have slated Hoenning for his behaviour and it may well affect his chances of becoming Mayor of Munich. Hoenning meanwhile has defended himself by calling his comment merely "flippant."
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