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article image'Family Guy' creator's trailer for first film, 'Ted'

By Abigail Prendergast     Apr 3, 2012 in Entertainment
The trailer for Seth Macfarlane's directorial debut, "Ted," is undoubtedly crude and certainly not one of the summer's blockbuster action films. Instead it is a classic "Family Guy"-related spin on cinema, bong-toting teddy bear and all.
Seth MacFarlane, who is probably best-known for being the mastermind behind the animated TV shows Family Guy, its spinoff The Cleveland Show, and American Dad, has made the quantum leap from adult-themed 2D cartoons on television to a live-action/CGI hybrid on the big screen.
According to Film School Rejects, Macfarlane's premiere feature film directing endeavor isn't your particular tour-de-force blockbuster movie, but instead a utilization of the cartoonist's usual modus operandi in terms of comedy.
The result of all this is a flick by the name of Ted, starring Mark Wahlberg as the lead character, John, who is a "perfectly normal Boston native" who has his wish for his teddy bear to come alive granted in childhood. John's stuffed and fuzzy friend, Ted, remains such well up into his owner's adulthood. However, the bear (voiced by MacFarlane) and his ultra-crude behavior in addition to his dead-beat way of life, become an obstacle for John as he wishes to truly be an adult and get with the woman of his dreams, Lori, who is played by Mila Kunis - the voice of Meg on Family Guy.
A two-minute, 59 second trailer for the film, which the Boston Herald describes as "a strong cocktail of the hilarious and wildly offensive," begins by giving off the vibe of a conventional Boston-oriented love story. Swan boats, brownstones, and classy dining locations are all but littered within the movie - that is, until the computer animated foul-mouthed, smart-alec, and of course, toking Ted makes his way from being an otherwise harmless bedtime buddy to the wedge between John and Lori.
In the classic vein of Family Guy, Ted is by no means a family-friendly movie, unless your children happen to be grown. The Herald managed to count "more than 10 F-Bombs," but there is now a "G-rated version" circulating around the net.
Ted is set to hit theaters - and his bong - on July 13.
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